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  • Isaiah 53 Analysis

    The passage of Isaiah 53 (4-8), for many centuries has been summed up as a poetic song in which the prophet Isaiah depicted the climatic period of world history in which the coming Messiah will arrive. In today’s culture this view is again reoriented in that many Christians alone see this passage to be a prophecy of the ministry in which Jesus Christ will walk. When looking into the passage, Christians see the ‘servant’ as Jesus, and his suffering for our sins, and the sacrifice he made for us. However like many passages throughout the bible, the interpretation in which it is understood is dependent on the perspective in which it is looked from. When breaking down these four verses, the perspectives that arrive are the time it was written at,…

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  • Stephen's Speech: Abridged Version Of The Hebrew Bible

    Stephen in his speech in Acts told the abridged version of the Hebrew Bible. While doing so he decided to include and exclude different stories, as well as characters from the old testament as he so choose. I will try and explain here the reasons why he selected what he did, and also address the question of the order of the stories. Overall, I believe that which was included, was so for the reason of creating a different image of God as well as the stories of the Old Testament. Starting…

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  • Athanasius: An Image Of God

    Though we are an image of God, we do not have the power or the will to save ourselves from the Devil. It is human nature to succumb to sin and again, from a Christian perspective, Christ alone can save us then. It is not right or Christian for people to think that they can somehow provide satisfaction for their sins without the Hands of God to guide them toward the light. Though they might imagine that they have the power to save themselves and that they have self-control, they need to…

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  • God In The Old Testament

    Introduction There is a constant theme of the presence of God in the Old Testament in which God attempts to show His people (the Israelites) His law and how to live by them. Idolatry, one of the largest problems amongst the Israelites in the old testament and many of the letters of Paul to the churches in the new testament are proof that this is an ongoing issue Them Exodus is the second book of the Old Testament through which God’s fulfilment of promises to past generations are…

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  • Death And Death In Whitman's Replanation Of Death

    There are many "popular" topics used frequently by authors. Love, religion, and war are some favorites. Two other such topics we typically read about are nature and death. The two can be discussed separately or they can be related to each other. Walt Whitman, a lover of nature, tackled these subjects in "Song of Myself" from Leaves of Grass. Another author who does the same is William Cullen Bryant. Though two very different writers with different styles, they share some of the same ideas.…

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  • The Myth Of Individualism Analysis

    examples used from topics that related to pop culture, politics and historical events to say the American values of individualism, mediocrity and self-sufficiency is overall fabricated. Therefore, American values are effected by the social structures on our lives which prove to be the thesis for Callero’s book. The book offers a weak first chapter with a strong fourth chapter that all fits into the message of Callero’s bestselling book. Callero’s book offered a first chapter that was the…

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  • The House On Mango Street Rising Analysis

    “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Patterson and “Esperanza Rising” by Pam Muñoz Ryan are distinctly different in the thematic perspective, yet they both have address some of the same topics. In “Bridge to Terabithia” and “Esperanza Rising” both address the topics of death and money but they develop differently thematically in each text. In “Bridge To Terabithia” unlike “Esperanza Rising”, the money issue stays the same rather than change, while in Esperanza rising, the money issue goes from…

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  • Exploring Sensitive Issues With Pre-K

    with Pre-K through First Grade Children through Read-Alouds.” Some tender topics that teachers may face while teaching could be family diversity, homelessness, disabilities, and incarceration. Those four topics can be very difficult for teachers to explain or discuss with young children. Teachers and family members have all noticed what makes discussing tender topics so difficult. It is who people are as individuals or what they are currently experiencing at home. Tender topics should be treated…

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  • PTSD In Military Veterans Essay

    After only one year into Erica Slone’s Air Force enlistment, she was attacked and raped in her dorm room by another airman. That was in 2003. In 2006, she responded to a rocket-propelled attack (RPG) which killed eight of her colleagues. Then, she was told she had to “clear the compound” which meant she had to kill dozens of civilians that could/had become dangerous or a potential threat while in war. She kept her dramatic rape hidden, deep inside as she continued to serve out her six-year…

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  • Colossians 3: 1-15 Analysis

    “Sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.” (ESV Colossians 3:5) We still feel exactly what Paul writes in Colossians 3:8, “Anger, wrath, malice, slander.” (ESV Colossians 3:5) As Christian people, who intend to follow Christ, we sometimes do not really follow Christ. It is easy to say love your neighbor, meaning everyone. On the other hand, it is very hard to follow through with that. You really learn how much the Lord loves you when you try to love…

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