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  • Isaac C. Parker: The Legend Of The Hanging Judge

    familiar name when research brought me to Judge Isaac Parker. Remembered today as the “Hanging Judge”, Isaac C. Parker had an impressive thirty-five year career in public service. He became a frontier attorney, later served as a city attorney, state judge, a two year term representative to Congress, and his most notable legacy as a federal district judge in Fort Smith, Arkansas for twenty-one years. Isaac Charles Parker was born October 15, 1838 to Joseph and Jane Parker. He was born and raised near Barnesville, in Belmont County, Ohio. While being raised on a farm Isaac was always destine to get an education. His mother was the niece of the Governor…

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  • Character Analysis Of Robert Zemeckis's Back To The Future

    Though Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future is extremely successful in being a fun, blockbuster film, it does a very job in how it crafts the relationships between specific characters. Though Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is facing a struggle to get back home, there’s another struggle occurring in the movie between his father, George (Crispin Glover), and town bully, Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson). By tracing their acting and relative staging of these two in certain shots, a narrative between them…

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  • Art Tatum's Accomplishments

    child of amateur musicians. His father was a mechanic, and his mother was a housemaid who worked in white homes. Although he was not born into a wealthy family, his unique talents helped propel him into the spotlight. If anything, Tatum proved that it was not impossible to become a world-class extraordinaire despite growing up with limited funds. He was well-known for his songs, “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “Tea for Two,” and he was also commended for his spectacular dexterity and his high…

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  • Monica And Monica Compare And Contrast

    With her religion being a strong factor in her life so early on, her parents made sure to bring her up virtuous as Catholics could be. Monica’s parents were so devoted to her religious upbringing; they hired a woman servant that helped to rear her in the Catholic Church’s way. As Monica grew older, she was maturing into the woman that her parents had envisioned. Rebekah, born of Jewish descent, became the wife of Isaac. She was chosen by a servant through a sign from God. Should she give water…

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  • Hagar's Expulsion From The House Of Abraham By Peter Paul Rubens

    Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The religious figure Abraham is one of the most polarizing figures in the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These religions are all founded with the belief that Abraham is their common ancestor. However, these religions have a rift in beliefs surrounding the decision of which son of Abraham, Ishmael or Isaac, is the legitimate heir to Abraham’s everlasting covenant with God. The painting of “Hagar’s…

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  • Poem Analysis: Begin At Home

    Israelite audience. Abraham is a man in power with land, cattle, and servants. He is preforming acts of hospitality and serving, what the reader understands to be, The Lord. This shows Abraham as an upright man. The text offers some insight into the culture of the time. Hospitality is regarding highly in the culture. This can be seen in Abraham and Sarah’s response to the strangers. The culture also was dominated by men and women’s roles are assumed by the author. While Abraham is among…

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  • Theme Of Forgiveness In The Book Of Genesis

    Book of Genesis, conflict reveals the imperfection of God’s creation of man; however, forgiveness is what proves that man is not completely evil. Whether the conflict be man vs. man, man vs. society, man vs. God, etc., forgiveness is never an easily accomplished task. The acts of begging for or providing forgiveness can take extensive amounts of time to build strength to do. The concept of forgiveness in The Book of Genesis teaches that the act of forgiving requires audacity on both ends of a…

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  • Essay On The Meaning Of Christmas

    God even named the child (yet to be born” “Isaac” meaning “he laughs”). A bit of time later (the exact timing is unclear in terms of the pregnancy of Sarah), God and two angels came to visit Abraham, as they were enroute to destroy several cities. The destruction of the cities is of less importance then the fact that God and the two angels took on the appearance of normal humans (this is an important point that we will revisit later). But, there was a problem with Ishmael as he was not born of…

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  • Genesis 16: 1-21 Analysis

    refuge away from the life she knew (Gen. 16:6). While out in the wilderness she encounters an angel of the LORD, who delivers a prophecy and blessing to the child that Hagar was carrying (Gen. 16:10-12). Upon hearing the words of the angel, Hagar has a change of character; and instead of submitting to standard social norms she takes initiative of her own and “names” the LORD, the sacred power who spoke to her, El-Roi (Gen. 16:13). Genesis 21 is a continuation of the previous narrative, which…

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  • When God Commands Hosea To Marry A Prostitute Analysis

    Both of these women strived to have a baby and longed for God to bless them with a child. I found this to be interesting because I am due any day now. Nevertheless, these stories are composed of several unusual factors faith and trusting in the Lord to guide them. For example, Abraham was married to Sarah, and they each had to have faith that God would grant them their wish to have a child. God addressed Abraham first by stating that he would have a lot of children. He believed and continued his…

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