Isaac Asimov's Robot Series

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  • Technology

    Friend or foe? Good or evil? Helpful or harmful? These are all great questions associated with technology in today’s society. From the new iPhone 7 to self-driving cars technology can either be beneficial or detrimental. In certain cases technology may be helpful, but is it really necessary? Is the evolution of technology really bettering our society or is it sending us down a dangerous path that will ultimately lead to destruction? The progression of technology in human civilization is a foe; it’s uncontrollable, unpredictable, takes commitment, and complicates life. Technology can be reliable for certain tasks; however, as the advancements in technology progress, human control over the technology is minimized. As seen in “Liar,” by Isaac…

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  • The Destruction Of Robots In Isaac Asimov's The Caves Of Steel

    At the end of Isaac Asimov 's The Caves of Steel, robots seem to be the salvation of the human race, as foreseen by Dr. Fastolfe and the spacers--a highly advanced society of humans from the outer worlds. At the same time the spacers believe they have preserved the future of humanity, however, in an event foreshadowing how robots will one day represent a threat to humanity and perhaps the failure of the spacers’ plan, Robot Daneel Olivaw says the most shocking lines of the story: “[g]o and sin…

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  • The Three Laws Of Robotics: Case Study

    1.0 Introduction As robots get smarter and more widespread, independent cars are bound to end up making life-or-death decisions in unpredictable places, thus taking over or at least seeming to assume moral authority. Weapons systems currently have human operators “in the loop”, simply as they get more advanced, it will be possible to shift to “on the loop” operation, with machines carrying out orders autonomously. As that occurs, they will be faced with ethical dilemmas. Should a drone fire on a…

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  • Analysis Of Youth By Isaac Asimov

    Introduction Isaac Asimov, the prolific writer With over five hundred published books, Isaac Asimov was one of the world’s most prolific writers. In addition to his books, he also wrote many individual short stories, essays, and criticism. An interesting fact about Asimov is that his works span nine out of the ten major categories in the Dewey Decimal System — the only category that does not include any of his works is Philosophy and psychology. This makes Asimov unique in the sense that he…

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  • The Role Of Robots

    which perform large calculations in seconds, to modern robots that look like humans and are increasingly playing essential roles to human life as in health care, for example. Although the relationship among humans and robots remains controversial as regards the health care, it can be inferred that the usage of robots with this aim is beneficial and inevitable. However, this application should take into account the ethical considerations of that relationship. The usage of technology to…

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  • Military Robots

    The use of robots, programmed machines capable of automatically carrying out a specific series of tasks, was once only a foreseeable reality if you were a strong believer in science fiction novels. Now, the implementation of robots to complete tasks that were once only done by humans is now a reality. Presently, robots serve in many different aspects of society and their influence is predicted to increase indefinitely. Regardless of one’s viewpoint about the use of robots and what a robots’ role…

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