The Role Of Robots

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The humankind history has evolved intrinsically linked to changes and improvements. This thirst for improvements led man to build tools that can function as an improved part of the man such as calculators, which perform large calculations in seconds, to modern robots that look like humans and are increasingly playing essential roles to human life as in health care, for example. Although the relationship among humans and robots remains controversial as regards the health care, it can be inferred that the usage of robots with this aim is beneficial and inevitable. However, this application should take into account the ethical considerations of that relationship. The usage of technology to build helpful machines to humanity …show more content…
Although the insertion of robots is imminent, it should be a concern about the ethical issues to which this insertion implies, such as how long a person should be cared for a robot instead a real person or to what extent a task should be outsourced to a machine. While scientists and engineers are studying how to develop new smart machines, sociologists are truly concern about the bonds that can be created between humans and these robots given that humans can create connections between small pieces of technology as a tamagotchi. The ethical issues that surround the relationship among humanoids and human beings were widespread by Isaac Asimov in the book “I, Robot”, but Asimov’s rules are extremely simple-minded to the environment of modern society (3). The world has been change and every single change in technology as regard robotics affects the way that people live. Starting a new era in which robots are as common as pets requires a code of ethics as regards to the relationship between man and machine. Thus, the humanity has been at the dawn of knowledge and evolution, and considering ethical issues about this topic but still encourage the use of robots in the healthcare it is just continue on the same

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