Military Robots

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The use of robots, programmed machines capable of automatically carrying out a specific series of tasks, was once only a foreseeable reality if you were a strong believer in science fiction novels. Now, the implementation of robots to complete tasks that were once only done by humans is now a reality. Presently, robots serve in many different aspects of society and their influence is predicted to increase indefinitely. Regardless of one’s viewpoint about the use of robots and what a robots’ role in society should be, robots are becoming ever more present in today’s world. Because of this, action should be taken to ensure that the use of robots contributes to a more Utopian-like society, rather than regressing progress that has already been …show more content…
Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, are a type of robot that are used for short or long range military purposes (“Understanding Drones”). Drones usually undertake missions that are too dangerous or risky for humans and are already being used in the United States military. Currently, military drones are being used semi autonomously, meaning that drones are remote controlled and supervised by a human who is not physically present where the drone is (KPBS). The United States usually uses drones in the targeted killing program which aims to kill specific terrorists (“Understanding Drones”). While the United States have been successful in this regard, many worry about the use of drones because they often result in a high number of civilian causalities. Because of this, action should be taken by the government to ensure that the number of civilian causalities are reduced during drone strikes. Because Congress has already funded research efforts concerning drones, Congress should spend additionally funds to research the areas that will be subject to drone strikes to ensure that a drone strike will not result in an excessive amount of civilian causalities. Also, there is fear that if drones can be used instead of human soldiers, then countries will be less likely to find peaceful alternatives to violence. There must be legislature passed to ensure that drones, and all other types of violent activities, are used as a last resort—after all other efforts to resolve conflict peacefully have been exhausted. This will ensure that drones are only used when necessary and when their use will eventually contribute to a more peaceful

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