Abraham Character Analysis

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The book of Genesis introduces many characters to the readers including Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Abraham and Sarah, and the list goes on. All of these characters play an important role within the overall story of Genesis. Although all of these characters are crucial to the makeup of Genesis, Abraham may be one of the most influential and crucial characters of the Genesis story. The life of Abraham covers thirteen out of the fifty chapters in the book of Genesis, and Abraham is seen as one of the first prophets within the Bible. God says, “…I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” (Genesis, Ch. 12 V. 2) Abraham makes many interesting decisions throughout the book …show more content…
One of the different spins Visotzky puts upon this Abraham story is that Sarah is tired of being blamed for not having children. Maybe Abraham had repeatedly blamed Sarah for not being able to have children and Sarah was fed up. (Visotzky, 45) Visotzky then proposes that Abraham was baited into sleeping with the slave-girl to see if it was him who could not bring about the child, “Her challenge is implicit: Let’s see if you can be built up through her, buster. And Abraham rises to the bait.” (Visotzky, 45) It is seen very soon after that Abraham has no problem bringing a child into the world because Hagar is pregnant. If this would be the true motive behind the act then it would now be clear as to why Sarah is so upset with Hagar, and it would also make sense as to why Hagar looks upon Sarah as her lesser because she cannot bear children for her family. This is only one of the alternative ways of thinking about the story that Visotzky forms. Another way that Visotzky looks upon this situation is that Hagar may actually be Abraham’s mistress. Visotzky explains the scenario by saying, “Is it possible that patriarch Abraham had known Hagar now for years? A young mistress, as it were, to complement his older, barren wife? (Visotzky, 46) Could’ve Abraham been behind the whole act all along and just waiting for an excuse to sleep to sleep with Hagar? The answer to that question could be yes, because it would bring more clarity to why Abraham was so eager to sleep with Hagar. When Abraham is asked by Sarah to sleep with Hagar he shows no signs of hesitation, and maybe this explanation is the answer as to why his decision was so fast. Visotzky’s model is full of different interpretations and ways at looking at the actions of Abraham. These alternative ways of thinking allow the reader

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