Ron Raske Character Analysis

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“Isaac and History of Jocassee”

There are so many ways to look at the character Isaac. Isaac is the son of Amy Holcombe and raised as the son of Billy Holcombe, but is Holland Winchester’s son. Everyone in town can tell that Isaac is the son of Holland Winchester. Isaac is even asked by many people in the community if he is a Winchester. There is only one way to truly consider this and decide what you need to learn. First, I must look and see why Ron Rash chose the characters he did in his novel “One Foot in Eden”. I had to get a little background on the history of this small town and the dam that has now covered the land of Jocassee. Than look more into the character of Isaac Holcombe and see why he is so important to the author. Isaac is significant in Ron Rash’s novel “One Foot in Eden” because he parallels the biblical story of Isaac in the Bible, which also play off Rash’s concern for Nature in Southern Appalachia.
Isaac is a significant character in the story “one Foot in Eden” by Ron Rash because he parallels the biblical story of Isaac in the bible. There is a character named Isaac, which can be seen throughout the bible. In the Bible, he is the son
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Rash likes for his characters and land to bind together as one. Ron Rash was asked in an interview by Frédérique Spill, “why he was so infatuated by water?” Rash replied that he had always liked water because of his upbringing as a Baptist church and the when you get baptized there is a certain type of fear, but there is also a certain peace. He wrote about places near his home town and tragedies that happened like Duke Power flooding Oconee County and causing lands very hard to produce a living from the ground. There are two other writers’ that their family was one of the founding families of some of the land that was flooded. Rash got some of his ideas from the cousins because one family had built a lodge and it now 365 feet under the

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