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  • Los Angeles Times Argument Analysis

    In recent news, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times put pen to paper to depict their opinions on the matter of human impact on the environment. More specifically, they included topics such as air pollution at docking terminals and renewable fuel. Joe Jobe, Chief Executive Officer for the National Biodiesel Board, wrote with a nonchalant, or matter-of-fact, tone to disprove false claims made about environmental laws. His argument was titled The Renewable Fuel Standard. While, on the other hand, the Times Editorial Board for the Los Angeles Times spoke with an accusing tone on air pollution in order to expose the unjust behavior of Los Angeles officials. His argument was titled L.A. needs fewer platitudes and more action on port…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Proposition 227

    When Proposition 227 was passed, there was less welcoming of immigrants and more resentment, as is recognized by the Los Angeles Times. In fact, Los Angeles Times also recognizes that before Proposition 227 was passed, many Spanish teachers were not trying their hardest to help children become fluent in English and were instead just letting them stay in Spanish class. This is a direct example of how test scores may have gone up, but it does not mean that we should still be confined to the…

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  • Raising Minimum Wage Essay

    Also as a business owner myself I hate having a lot of turnover and businesses can save a lot of money by not having to train new employees all of the time. Increasing the minimum wage to a livable wage would improve our country because it would give people a wage they can actually live on and in turn that money they earn will go back into businesses because the people have more money to spend. It also create jobs, and gets rid of the need for a lot of our current tax money. First, raising…

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  • Samantha Masunaga's Fair Pay Act

    “California equal pay bill may be toughest in nation” (Masunaga 2015). This article was written by Samantha Masunaga and published in the Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles Times has been in circulation for more than 130 years and has won over 40 Pulitzer prizes. The paper has been accused of having a liberal bias, but I do not feel that it has any bearing on this particular story. Samantha Masunaga attended UC Berkley Graduate School of Journalism. Prior to joining the staff at the Los Angeles…

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  • Drone Warfare Argumentative Essay

    Rubble collapses under the feet of children as they examine the wreckage, fire and smoke scatter throughout the area, mothers beckon their children to come inside, and shock stretches across the faces of natives. Why and what for? Uses of military drones have faced many fiery debates in recent times. Articles and open letters, some with biased information about the reality of drone warfare and its effects, recently started causing uproar, despite years of drone usage in the military. Doyle…

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  • East Los High Analysis

    East Los High is a TV soap directed toward teenagers that has been described as a “Latino Degrassi meets Gossip Girl meets Glee.” The show, which just ended its fourth season, consists of 20-minute episodes that air on the digital platform Hulu. East Los High is more than a teen soap, though. The was created to show young people making healthy choices when faced with difficult situations while refraining from being “preachy or moralistic.” For example, one character finds out she is pregnant and…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Richard Halsey's Fire In Los Angeles Times

    Since April, California has had a harsh season for wildfires. The largest of which have only started in the past month or two. Together, the Thomas fire in Ventura county and the Creek fire in Los Angeles county damaged or destroyed at least 1,547 homes and injured at least 4 firefighters. Richard Halsey uses the Los Angeles Times’ platform to get his opinion of the fires’ source across to California residents. He first points out some of the causes people are pointing to. Next, he looks into…

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  • Drawing Vs Street Art

    it. Paintings in Los Angeles are very beautiful and there should not be any problem with having nice paintings or drawing in the walls. I think its okay to have drawings in Los Angeles because a lot of people from all over the world go there and like to look around and explore How Los Angeles really is. Art is a really outstanding when you know that it is something that a artist drew out of there feelings or emotion or simply what they have been growing threw in their life. Yes, it would be much…

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  • Ecology Of Fear Analysis

    Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States following New York City on the East Coast. This idolized city that many have nicknamed, L.A., rests within the southern region of the ‘Golden State’ of California. Los Angeles is most widely known for its mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, sprawling metropolis, and for also housing a major center of the American entertainment industry. The worldwide popularity L.A. has received, stems from the city being the source of many…

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  • Service Learning Project Essay: Graffiti

    one really is effected and this mindset has caused many people to perceive the problem of unlawfully vandalizing property as a harmless nuisance that can only be fixed but not prevented. Some see graffiti as a way to mark a gang’s territory while at the same time to show hostility to rival gangs. Others see graffiti as a form of art displaying a person’s talents in an unorthodox way. However, graffiti…

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