Raising Minimum Wage Essay

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Americans Are Worth More Than 725

The American people are worth more than just seven dollars and twenty-five cents per hour. If you live in America you probably know that a big issue in politics right now, is raising minimum wage. Many people think it would help our economy, but businesses that do not care about their employees try to convince us that it would hurt the economy by paying working human beings a wage they can actually live on. Big business owners like to make the point that they would have to charge more for their services or products and reduce the size of staff and/or hours worked by the staff. They also say that they would lose money and go out of business. However, we know a livable wage is possible for employers to pay
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Also as a business owner myself I hate having a lot of turnover and businesses can save a lot of money by not having to train new employees all of the time. Increasing the minimum wage to a livable wage would improve our country because it would give people a wage they can actually live on and in turn that money they earn will go back into businesses because the people have more money to spend. It also create jobs, and gets rid of the need for a lot of our current tax money. First, raising minimum wage would help our economy because it would give people a livable wage. Right now minimum wage is not a livable wage. Right now minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, so if you do the math that means you can only earn $14,500 per year on a 40 per week, minimum wage job. To begin, if minimum wage was enough, than we would not have minimum wage workers that seek and qualify for government assistance. For example, a McDonald’s employee named Andrew Olson, makes $8.06 per hour while his wife is making minimum wage at Dollar Tree. He says, “Tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for what we need to survive”. If tax payers have to pay for them just to survive when they both work 40 hours a week, than something needs changed. Thus, upheaving minimum wage to a livable wage standard would help this

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