Compare And Contrast Essay About Venice

Venice is one of those places in LA that you want and have to visit -- if you’re not from LA. I’ve already seen it. The canal, the body builders, and the ridiculous tshirts that only someone stoned would buy. But I’m not from Venice. fourteen miles down south of the beach is South Central, my home for the first eighteen years of my life. Now, during holidays and breaks, I live in the middle of northern LA County in a desert called Palmdale. It’s important to note the differences. One that I learned immediately was that neighbors don’t like noise but love to phone police about it. Our last party was shut down at nine thirty but back at home, they wouldn’t end even after the coronas were gone. In short, cul de sacs suck and everyone was welcomed at a South Central party.
Last summer I became tired of Yucca Trees and missed seeing familiar faces. A group of friends and I decided to visit Venice. The best friendships are the ones where significant time has passed yet nothing has changed. Well, they changed. I met up with four friends: Jesus, Kike,
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Go up further on Normandie Ave until Florence and you’ll cross the epicenter of the LA riots. Just a couple blocks down is the home of N.W.A, the iconic group that raised awareness of the injustice in South Los Angeles with their music. It’s hard not to think about home without the violence. They are synonymous but living in south central gives people pride -- I saw it whenever someone tagged up a wall in the alley I many allies I lived behind. People take pride in their cars and using sideshows, which used to be hosted on S vermont Ave and Imperial hwy. Visiting Venice reminded me of where home is. Six times out of the year it’s in Sacramento and for holidays and breaks it’s in Palmdale. But with a phone call or text, it can be in a duplex in Inglewood or on eighty-seventh intersecting with

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