Matt Lynch On Homelessness

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We have learned largely by life experiences that hard work payoff, but when we are broken by hard times, some hard working individuals seem to forget their knowledge and self-worth. Consequently, this lack self-esteem leads most of the hard working individuals to make poor choices. Ultimately, this leads those individuals to chaos and disastrous events that destroy their family security, dreams and achievements. We must remember homelessness can happen to anyone at any time, but it is an individual choice whether to work his//her way out of homelessness or stay to request donation in the street for that rest of his/her life. According to an article by Badger Herald entitled “The homeless lack political voices, but not American ideals” Matt Lynch argues that the effort to help homeless people is inadequate and the …show more content…
He states “but the politicians need to get over their instinctive reaction against funding programs and address the roots of homelessness by helping people out of it.” Illustrates that politician ideologies make problems worse than they are through their irrational thinking. The irrational thinking leads to a negative attitude toward homeless individuals without analyzing their contribution to society. Some of the people with out home serve in the military and giving their best day to government to protect society against aggressors. Furthermore, it is irrational to forget their sacrifice and leave them begging for society left-overs. Lynch said “many would characterize them as a bunch of generates and alcoholics fully deserving of their unfortunate fate.” He suggesting that almost every individual generalize and forget to take into consideration it possible cause without making judgements. Lynch is right to suggest that government does not offer sufficient help to those that help them achieve their goal to protect against

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