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  • Pearl Jam Research Paper

    Pearl Jam is an alternative rock/grunge band. The band members are Eddie Vedder/lead vocalist, Mike McCready/lead guitar, Stone Gossard/guitar, Jeff Ament/bass, Matt Cameron/drums, Boom Gaspar/piano. Pearl Jam is one of the most famous bands in rock history. Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament were part of the band Green River, who toured in the mid-80’s. They disbanded in 1987 due to friction between fellow bandmates. In 1987 Gossard and Ament later joined the band Malfunkshun with the lead vocalist Andrew Wood. Wood organized the band Mother Love Bone which was signed on by the record label Polygram in late 1989. Wood recorded the album Apple in July,1990. Wood died four months later. Chris Cornell was Wood’s close friend…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jay-Chamberlain

    Jovan Lucas-Chamberlain is my full name, but most people call me Jay-voe. Not sure where the nickname originated, but I love it. Before I get into the meat and potatoes, lets dive into my past. In 2010, I attended Georgia Southern University with my best friend. No one made us go to class nor clean our rooms. Eventually, we developed a routine. Our routine was to skip class, get high or drunk, and last but most importantly, get laid. Honestly, I do not think I attended one class my entire tenure…

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  • Beloved Themes

    Nearly every character in Toni Morrison’s Beloved has a rich background story and battles with which they struggle internally. For each character’s conflict, heavy themes are brought into the power of this story; Sethe has her inner turmoil over Beloved, Paul. D is weighed down by his emotional baggage, Denver struggles with independence, and Stamp Aid deals with the horrors of his past by helping others years later. This novel uses the ghost of Sethe’s murdered daughter to personify these more…

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  • Florence Nightingale Research Papers

    Florence Nightingale was born in Italy. Her family moved to China when she was one. Her parents went to China to escape war. Florence and her family live in a city called Happiness. Florence is very educated. Ever since Florence could read she heard about a legend. The legend was about a hidden treasure in a magical forest. The legend said the forest was located outside the city walls. It said that only at night the animals come out and talk. The legend tells her that no one can see it. The…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Journey To Changed My Life

    I remember the extensive heat and the annoying sound of mosquitos revolving my head, I just layed on my bed thinking of what life had prepared for me. The thought of going through the most difficult moment in my life sadden me when was I to think that I would leave my parents and not be certain when I was to see them again. I could feel the emotion arising inside me, breath after breath I could feel an extensive knot build up within my throat. My face got stiff and my vision became blurry I…

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  • Free College Admissions Essays: Who Am I?

    Who Am I ? “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss once wrote this poem which was music to my ears growing up. It fascinated me to think that in this gigantic world filled with 7 billion people that I was the only Amanda A Laryea to ever walk its surface. Until about 8 years later on a random Facebook search, I found about four other individuals who share my name. However, our similar names do not connote similar personality…

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  • Babylon Revisited Theme

    How would someone act if they were blamed for the death of their wife, and then their child is swept away because they were not responsible enough to take care of them? This surreal problem happened to Charlie in the short story, “Babylon Revisited” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Charlie struggles with himself after loosing his wife because he feels grief and pain, madness towards his sister-in-law for not believing that he could change, and the fear that he may not be given the chance to be a…

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  • Personal Narrative-Imani's Journey

    “You do realize once you join, there's no going back,” Rocco said. “I know that just don't let me get caught!¨ Imani said rudely. ¨Imani, actually you don't...if you die in there you can die here!¨ Rocco shouted. ¨Well then say your goodbyes now,¨ Imani said, you could tell she was over it. Imani laid on the flat table. Rocca brought over the head gear and cords. He placed it on Imani’s head. ¨Oouch! That's tight!¨ Rocco ignored it and continued to hook her…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Wrong?

    It was 7:05 as Michael got in his white Mercedes and pulled out of the driveway. He turned out of our neighborhood onto the main road and he was gone on his way to work. It was 7:15 and there was a loud bang from Sydney’s room as she ran into the kitchen. “Mom! I’m gonna be late to school! Charley didn’t pick me up this morning, I need a ride or I’m not gonna go!” Sydney screamed angrily from the opposite side of the house. Johnelle got out of her bed sleepily and rushed to the kitchen while…

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  • Short Story On Lying On The Stretcher

    The half-dead man was lying on the stretcher. With the help of constables and people around, he was brought down the building. People had crammed the place, every inch of the stairs was taken up by the neighbors. Even at midnight it seemed that a night out was planned by all at the same time. Lying helplessly on the stretcher, he moved his hands over his body. He knew something was wrong since he never felt anything like that. The pain was getting unbearable with every passing moment. With…

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