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  • Importance Of Polysaccharides In Apple Pomace

    cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. It also contains numerous phytochemicals, such as simple sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose), pectin, natural antioxidants such as flavanols (catechin, epicatechin, procyanidins), flavonols, hydroxycinnamates and dihydrochalcones, as well as small amount of proteins, minerals, and vitamins4, 8-9. More than 1.3 million tons of apple pomace are produced per year and about $10 million was spent annually on the disposal of apple pomace solely in the United States10. It is mostly used for direct disposal to soil in a landfill, the pectin extraction as gelling agent, stabilizer, and source of dietary fiber11. Despite of that, disposing a huge amount of remaining apple pomace represents a serious environmental problem. Many attempts have been made to utilize apple pomace as nutritionally rich by products. So far, apple pomace have been studied for the production of value added products such as organic acids, enzymes, single cell proteins, low alcoholic drinks, ethanol, biogas, pigment and baker’s yeast12-20. In particular, apple pomace is characterized by a high content of dietary fibers, with a well-balanced proportion between soluble and insoluble fraction21. The content of dietary fiber is over 50% (dry base) on average8, 22-23. Dietary fiber compositions inside apple pomace are mainly cellulose, hemicelluloses, and pectin. The consumption of dietary fibers has been associated with several metabolic processes. Numerous health benefits…

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  • Pectin Membrane Analysis

    Figure 7. TA flux across membranes prepared with different proportions of AC:Pectin (CP2 and CP3) and DBS concentrations. Mechanical properties are very important parameters in membranes and coatings. These properties determine the homogeneity, resistance and film forming capacity of the coating. In figure 8 we represent some of the more important mechanical parameters obtained by mean tensile test. Figure 8. Mechanical parameters of the EC:Pectin membranes obtained with CP2 and CP3. In the…

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  • Pectin Essay

    3. Nutritional Aspects of Pectin: Pectin plays significant industrial roles in different fields. Its physical and chemical properties make it a valuable material in the food and pharmaceutical industries (May, 1990) (21). 1.3.1. Source of dietary fiber: The fruits and vegetables which are specially rich in pectins have dietary fiber contents in the range of 1-2%.Pectin fibers have higher hydration properties than other fibers and this property is exploited in its use as a constitutional…

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  • Pectin Lab Report

    Pectin yield was determined as weight of dry pectin against the weight of initial residues multiplied by 100%. Y=100(P/Bi) Where Y is the extracted pectin yield (%), P is the amount of extracted pectin in grams and Bi is the initial amount of sweet potato residues used to extract pectin. Equivalent weight and Degree of methoxylation The equivalent weight was determined according to the method by Barretina et al., (Barretina et al. 2012). 0.25g pectin was wetted with 5ml ethanol and topped…

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  • Nano Pectin In Cancer Research

    autophagy and apoptosis activity [25,26]. Pectin, especially modified pectins have been found to possess anticancer activity. The most well-known pectin in cancer therapy is modified citrus pectin, which is used in prostate cancer therapy with laudable success, it was found to increase the doubling time of prostate specific antigen in men with prostate cancer [27]. The use of modified pectins in cancer research has mainly focused on acid, enzymatic and heat modified pectins. However, there exist…

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  • Exploring The Relationship Between Pectinase And Enzyme Industry

    food and enzyme industry. It is an enzyme group that comprises polymethylgalacturonase (PMG), polygalacturonase (PG), and pectin lysase. These enzymes are used in degradation of pectic substances, which involves deesterification and depolymerization reactions. Pectic substances are the major structural component found in plant’s cell wall and lamellae. Types of pectic substances include protopectin, pectin, pectinic acid, pectic acid and rhamnogalacturonan. In a biochemical reaction involving…

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  • Color Score Values Of Common Carp Fish Products

    Color is usually gives the consumer the first impression about the quality of a given food product. It was reported that the lighter the color of mince fish product, the greater acceptability the product will receive (Lee, 2011). Color score values of common carp fish fingers during frozen storage are shown in (Table 8). The results indicated that color score values of the fresh control fingers sample and those prepared by incorporation of 10% (soybean flour (SF) (S) and 10% SF+1% pectin (M),…

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  • DM And Glorimetric Analysis Essay

    according to the method reported by Aina et al., [32] and Food Chemical Codex 1996 [33]. 0.1g of pectin was weighed into a 250 mL conical flask, then wetted with 5mL ethanol. 100mLof deionized water was added, then six drops of phenolphthalein (0.1% in ethanol) indicator to each sample. Pectin dispersions were stirred until it was fully dissolved, thereafter, the solution was titrated slowly with 0.1N NaOH until the colour of the indicator just changed to light pink. The methoxyl (MeO) contents…

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  • Chemistry Green And Clean

    purposes. The most common example is fire. Trial and error had massive impacts on the creation of chemicals. Mixing materials together or applying heat and pressure have brought new inventions and substances. For example, paint and soap were early discovered and is used frequently in everyday life. Chemistry allows the world to improve lives and design useful substances. Fruits such as pectin can be used in order to destroy bacteria and harmful chemicals. Pectins are peels from fruit and other…

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  • Common Carp Fish Case Study

    3. Results of pilot study of common carp fish fingers:- Sensory quality attributes included color, odor, texture and overall quality are the most important parameters that affected the consumer acceptability of fish products. A pilot study was performed for trying in order to reach the most acceptable product. Fish fingers made from common carp fish fingers were evaluated for their organoleptic properties to determine the more suitable levels of soybean flour (SF) and…

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