Essay about Pearl Jam : An Alternative Rock / Grunge Band

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Pearl Jam is an alternative rock/grunge band. The band members are Eddie Vedder/lead vocalist, Mike McCready/lead guitar, Stone Gossard/guitar, Jeff Ament/bass, Matt
Cameron/drums, Boom Gaspar/piano. Pearl Jam is one of the most famous bands in rock history. Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament were part of the band Green River, who toured in the mid-80’s. They disbanded in 1987 due to friction between fellow bandmates. In 1987 Gossard and Ament later joined the band Malfunkshun with the lead vocalist Andrew Wood. Wood organized the band Mother Love Bone which was signed on by the record label Polygram in late
1989. Wood recorded the album Apple in July,1990. Wood died four months later. Chris Cornell was Wood’s close friend and former roommate. He arrived from a tour the night Wood died. Cornell started a band to pay tribute to Wood called Temple of the Dog. The band included Soundgarden and later the members of Pearl Jam. Cornell had Gossard and Ament
(Wood’s former band mates) play and later Eddie Vedder to sing backup vocals. Temple of The Dog was their first and only album, it debuted on April 16, 1991 and was barely recognized. In 1992 A&M records re-released the album because it was essentially a collaboration between Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and their newest releases were topping the charts too with Ten by Pearl Jam and Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden. The album sold more than one million copies and was among one of the top 100 albums…

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