Jimi Hendrix Accomplishments

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“It’s funny how people love the dead,once you’re dead you’re made for life.” (Knapp 84) These are the words of the most influential guitarist in music history. Jimi Hendrix was a star in the ‘60s and is now a household name. Because Jimi Hendrix continues to be an icon in the music industry, people should educate themselves about his early life, rise to stardom, fame, and even his tragic death.

Jonny Hendrix was born on November 21,1942 at Seattle’s King County Hospital. (Jimihendrix.com) Jonny’s dad, Al Hendrix, was in the army. Once he came home he divorced Jonny’s mom ,Lucille Hendrix because, she left all three kids. While Al way away Jonny, Leon, and Joesph all stayed with random relatives. To pass time during his messy childhood, Jonny
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He left playing with Little Richard to form “Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.”(Jimihendrix.com) Chas Chandler saw Jimmy perform and knew that he was special. He wanted to be his manager and Jimmy agreed. To start of they moved to London. They changed Jimmy to Jimi. Then the “Jimi Hendrix Experience” formed with Mitch MItchell as drummer and Noel Redding as bassist. After their first single “Hey Joe” came out it shot them to the top. In 1966 they were the talk of London. On the UK billboard the “Jimi Hendrix Experience” stayed in the top six for ten weeks.(Jimihendrix.com) Many other musical idols admired him. The Beatles and rolling Stones were said to have been his most supportive followers. …show more content…
Many people still consider it to be one of the best rock albums of all time. This is Jimi Hendrix’s most famous album with some of his best known song. Songs like: “Purple Haze”, “Wind Cries Mary”, “Foxey Lady”, “Fire”, and “Are You Experienced” are all featured on the album. (Jimihendrix.com) After Jimi won over the UK the “Jimi Hendrix Experience” moved to the USA. They performed at the Monterey Pop Festival where critics confirmed his breathtaking stage presence and experimental sound. He pulled all the tricks from the book to impress everyone there. In the conclusion of the show he lit his guitar on fire. In 1967 he performed and won over crowds at the International Pop Festival with his performance of “Wild Thing.” He was literally an overnight sensation in the US. (Biography.com) The JHE released “Axis:Bold as Love” right before they split up. The year 1969 brought great emotional and musical growth for Jimi. He united with Gypsey Sun and Rainbows shortly after he built “Electric Ladyland Studios” in NYC. He continued performing and even performed the closing act at Woodstock. It was wet, rainy, and everyone wanted to go home. He rocked the crowd with his interpretation of the “Star Spangled Banner.” Many people say it was a protest against the war in Vietnam but Jimi later said ,”It’s my anthem ,too , I can play it how I

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