Elvis Presley Impact On Society Essay

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Elvis In 1935, a man was born who unknowingly was about to change history. Elvis Presley a man of great dedication, was later on to be known as “The King of Rock and Roll”. He had such an effect on society that he is still very well known today, 41 years after his death. Elvis Presley’s significant effects on Rock and Roll helped to ease racial segregation and created a new youth generation. Elvis Presley first started off his career with pop music, until he moved on to expand Rock and Roll. He was very inspired by African American music and decided to combine it with his white culture. The public was shocked. In their opinion, no white man should have anything to do with black culture. However, he was not the first to use these inspirations together. Although several people have made music mixing African American and white culture, Elvis had the most success and confidence (The History 23). Some people had thought of Elvis as a fraud or even a copycat. He called his style his own yet it already existed, along with him not writing his own songs. In spite of that, many people started to take an interest. Elvis made things …show more content…
When the beatles were young they were part of the youth that were strongly influenced by Elvis Presley. John Lennon looked up to him especially. They started to copy his look and slicked their hair back. All four of the beatles admired his rebelliousness and his approach with women, and his musical talent. John Lennon expressed in a quote "Nothing affected me until i heard Elvis. Without Elvis, there would be no Beatles." After Lennon discovered Elvis he was effected to create his first band the Quarrymen. He was so inspired by Elvis and his ways that he asks his mother Julia, "Why can't God make me Elvis?". Lennon also used the quote “Before Elvis, there was nothing” many times in many contexts.(“Elvis

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