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  • Blackmore Series Essay

    I. Landscape and Location The Blackmore series is a frigid Typic Argiustolls which is of the Mollisol order (National Cooperative Soil Survey 2000). It is found only within the Gallatin County of southwest Montana. Blackmore soils are not very prevalent within southwestern Montana. The exact location of the Blackmore soil type is found specifically 1100 feet south and 1800 feet west of the northeast corner of section 27, T. 2S., R.6E. This area has an elevation of 4,800 to 5,500 feet. This type of soil can be found on relict stream terraces with slopes of approximately 0-15% and hayland (National Cooperative Soil Survey 2000). II. Soil Forming Factors The parent material is loess which is a silt-sized soil that was distributed by wind into the Gallatin valley. The area that Blackmore is present in has an average annual temperature of about 39 degrees Fahrenheit and receives about 20 inches annually in precipitation (National Cooperative Soil Survey 2000). In 1905 the average precipitation was 16-17 inches, which suggest that there could be a trend of increasing precipitation (Lapham, 1905). The area has long cold winters, wet springs and warm summers with a frost free period of only 80-95 days of the year. The winters regularly have very cold periods that range as low as -30 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit (Lapham, 1905). The area where the Blackmore soil is present is mostly used for cropland and pasture. The native vegetation present are subalpine needle grasses,…

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  • Physical Geography

    Physical Geography is the part of natural environment such as atmosphere, biosphere, and geosphere. It also involves the geography of places like mountains, plains, prairies , etc. Areas within physical geography can be divided into categories such as these and others. Geomorphology the study of the earth, how it was, and how it continues to be shaped. It helps us to predict future changes. Pedology is the study of soils in the natural environment. Palaeography is the study of preserved…

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  • The Influence Of Climate Change In Global Climate

    increase of greenhouse gasses, and changes in global temperature. Global climate change has become a world wide spread issue. The international panel for climate change says global climate change is the result of the anthropogenic increases of carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases. “Soil biological processes have major long-term effects on composition of Earth’s atmosphere, which in turn influences all living things, including soil microorganisms” ( Brady, Weil 2008). Changes in atmospheric…

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