Self Reflection Essay: Personal Development As A Child

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After some self reflection, it’s without a doubt my personality has been shaped from how I was brought up and those who were around me as a child. To give you some background, I was born in Addis Abebe, Ethiopia. My father passed away when I was at the age of 3 and my older sister at 5, leaving my mother as a single parent. To this day, my mother is the strongest woman I know. Three years after his death, my mother applied for the lottery to come to America. In the summer of 1996, my mother won resulting in us packing up and moving to a foreign land with little clothes and little knowledge of what to expect. Moving to America with two young children was not an easy adventure for my mother. She left behind her great job, home and family to provide …show more content…
She had and will always have high expectations of my sister and I. Because of all that she has sacrificed on our behalf, I work hard to never let her down. Because of this, I was always competitive growing up both in sports and in school. In order to make my mother proud, I always stayed self-disciplined and had a stick-to-it-ness personality when conflicts occur. This relates to my need for achievement, which is related to Conscientiousness. I have a persistent attitude to get things done and done well. I most often than not, am always working and struggle to balance work and life. I’m always looking for the next thing to complete.
Like my mother, I have a take charge personality which relates to the need of possessing power. My mother always told us we have to take life by the horn and pushed us to work hard. I was raised knowing nothing comes easy and knew I had to be aggressive in achieving anything that I wanted.
My openness to change is very low. I’m not a fan of change or risk and as a result I almost always order the same thing at restaurants and enjoy going to the same places. I have a high need for security because I like to be in control and know what’s ahead of me. I believe this came from the idea that if I take risks and wander, I may fail more so then sticking to what I know and am comfortable
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I am almost always unintentionally over controlling and insensitive when dealing with people which are the results of my low Agreeable personality. This was an “aha” moment for me. People that don’t know me personally often view me as being insensitive and rude, but in reality it just appears that way because I’m not as engaged with people as an Agreeable may be. Another shortcoming of mine is my ability to empathize with people. Empathizing with people is often emotionally overwhelming and I try to avoid it. I also need to improve my lack of emotional control, integrity, abrasiveness, overbearing and my unintentional tendency to micromanage as it was all discovered from my feedback exercise #2.
Of these 5 I would say my lack of emotional control came directly from my mother. My mother hates conflict and often times she dismisses discussing issues to solve them causing her disappointments to build in her head and mind until everything in her explodes. I’m very much the same way. I’m not one who expresses anger and frustration externally but I will walk away or stay quiet but in reality I’m extremely annoyed and submerged in pique. This is something I specifically want to improve the most on, as it’s a major low precursor of

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