The Importance Of Inclusive Education

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Education is a basic right that every child must be given the opportunity to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of learning. It is a right of children that must be respected; no child should be denied it and the opportunity to complete (UNICEF, 2004).It is therefore; educators have societal responsibility to make the provision of education to all people based on their diversified individual’s needs and ability (Okech, 1993).
Among the different approaches to education, inclusive education is enabling all children to learn and participate effectively within school systems. It means that students with special needs are provided with specialized education in age-appropriate regular classes according to their special educational needs (Forman, 2002). Inclusive education is all about welcoming all children, without discrimination into regular schools. It does not set apart children who have different talents, abilities or needs. It is the process of addressing and responding to the diversity of needs of all learners. It involves changes and modifications in content, structures and strategies with common vision, which covers all children in the
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It is not only accommodating children in the regular or general school rather it goes beyond that. It is a way of thinking to offer special support within regular classrooms for all children irrespective of their diversified educational needs. It focuses on children’s needs and teachers training to facilitate an inclusive classroom which better meet the needs of all children (Tomlinson, 1996). Inclusion is about changes in schools to improve the educational system for all learners. It includes changes in the curriculum, teaching methods and relationship in classrooms. This system ensures that every student participates fully in all aspects of life, physically, academically, socially and emotionally (Powers,

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