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The Complex Relationship Between Advertisers and Consumers on the Web

There has been a growing distaste for advertisements on the internet. It is normal to see companies try and find a way to place ads on their websites. However, a growing number of users have grown tired of seeing ads pop up in their faces and have responded by installing one of many ad-blocking programs available. As a result, whether it is coming up with their own subscription model or trying to eliminate the use of ad-blockers entirely, companies are trying to find new ways to gain revenue. However, these companies are going to need to be very careful with how they approach the AdBlock problem. To prevent the catastrophic effects ad-blockers could have in the future,
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After observing the prevalence of people who seem to brag about their use of the program, he argues that “The only reason Ad Block works for you is that most people don’t use it. It is in your best interest to keep Ad Block quiet and not let anyone know about it.” If everyone used AdBlock, the internet would surely be a much less profitable place. It’s also true that spreading the word about AdBlock is not going to do the consumer any favors. When more people use AdBlock, revenue decreases and everyone gets less money. But it’s clear that ad-blocking is growing in popularity, despite these concerns. The problem is not that people have trouble understanding the complication of blocking ads. Given how much everyone talks about the effect ad-blockers has on companies, there is no doubt people do understand and are aware of the consequences. The problem is that people underestimate the degree to which they are affecting the advertising space. They do not recognize the magnitude of the impact they are having on companies. The main reason people fail to grasp their effect on companies is because ad-blockers do not hurt consumers in an immediate way. The consumer does not feel any short-term consequence when blocking ads on the internet. Ad-blockers are made to be easy to install and use, and for most of them, they only require a one-time setup. After a few clicks, there’s …show more content…
While both can be at fault, they ultimately need to begin to cooperate with each other. The worst both parties could do is not communicate with each other, and by working together, they can come up with a solution that benefits and satisfies everyone. Without ad-blockers, revenue gained from the web will plummet, and companies will have to be more intrusive to advertise than they already are, which is something neither the consumers nor the advertisers want. So, as the popularity of ad-blockers increases, advertisers should devise a thoughtful solution to the AdBlock problem while users do their part and don’t be too quick to judge those

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