Fuzziness Of Perception Analysis

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Barbara Tuchman has a small saying about how advertising is all around us. Everywhere we look there is an ad that gives a false image of reality. Advertisements can have a negative effect especially for the younger population. Since ads are always on social media it is very easy for a person to get bombarded by them and persuades an individual to want to purchase the product. The company’s tactic is to capture one’s attention to make them feel like they must have their product. Majority of the time it works too. Advertisements illustrate “pictures of perfection and goals of happiness”, they can lead to a certain “fuzziness of perception”, and have important effects of widespread and pervasive advertising on individuals here in America. Tuchman …show more content…
This means that seeing something flawless does not necessarily mean it is the real deal. In advertisements, there are numerous amounts of editing and Photoshop used to make the image look so perfect. Going back to the Kylie Jenner example, she had lip injections to make her lips bigger and fuller, which is why her lips look amazing in the lip kits she created. Also, on Instagram, Kylie adds filters or edits the tone to her photos, which slightly changes the color of the lip kit she is applying. So, the color may come out lighter or darker than the original color. Consequently, not everyone has the nice lips to look like her or will look decent wearing the lip kit. It may sound hash but it is reality. Another example of “fuzziness of perfection” is the description previously stated about Kylie Jenner’s body. Kylie advertises a detox drink called Fit Tea. It supposedly gives energy and helps for weight loss. She claims that is what she drinks to stay fit and gives her the nice body. It causes “fuzziness” because by just drinking a tea is not going to give someone a flat stomach or a toned body that quick. Exercise also has an important role when it comes to wanting an ideal

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