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  • Youtube Case Study

    In 2006, YouTube dominated the online video market with 46% of traffic. MySpace had 23%, while Google only had 10.25%. YouTube, a company that was created in 2005, it quickly became the most popular online video site with more than 100 million videos uploaded, watched, and shared per day. In addition, people watched video on YouTube 4 times more than on Google. Although Google had a name brand, had a bigger technical capability that supported multiple formats, and could better handle legal matters, it was not popular. Google was only above MSN and Yahoo video, while YouTube was the number 10 in the rank of online popularity, the third in the most popular video site category, and the number one video site. In addition, YouTube users watched…

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  • Purpose2play Youtube Analysis

    Purpose2Play YouTube Analysis Brittany Alvarado, a former college athlete and cancer survivor, is the content manager for the women’s professional soccer team in Orlando. Alvarado also works for Purpose2Play, a sports company that creates videos to focus on the background stories and the adversity that professional athletes have endured throughout their lifetime. In Alvarado’s video, she interviewed a professional soccer player who is legally blind in one eye. Purpose2Play and Alvarado use…

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  • My First Youtube: Appropriate Social Media

    Maybe I’m just biased because I’ve been creating videos on it for almost 6 years now, but Youtube is a pretty incredible social media platform. I mean, there’s truly nothing else like it. What social media site can say that it has been relevant for 10 years and STAYED relevant? I can’t think of a single candidate other than Youtube. Throughout those 10 years, the site has changed an insane amount. But what wouldn’t change in a decade? As a girl who started making videos discussing makeup, hair,…

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  • Jose Ayala Personality

    Who is Jose Ayala? Wiki, Age, Gay, Relationship, Family, Height, Net Worth Jose Ayala is a sensational American YouTuber and social media personality. He came to fame after appearing on his YouTube channel called “Jose Ayala”. He is also an Instagram celebrity in which, he has more than 726k followers and entertains people with his typical style and swag. Jose Ayala is openly gay. Jose Ayala was born on 26th of December in the year of 1993, which makes his age 23. He was born in Caguas, Puerto…

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  • Mining And Sentiment Analysis Of The Film Industry

     There will be graphs generated through a data mining process. In which system first perform natural language processing and sentiment analysis on freely available YouTube comments and based on that shows numbers of comments as a positive, negative and a neutral. In second phase system retrieves movie ratings of cast’s past movies and based on average rating of every cast show possibility of a movie to be average, good or excellent.  The goal of the project is to achieve needed accuracy so…

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  • Unit 4 P4 Business

    the attention as people may be interested in what the business is doing. Microsoft would be able to advertise the new products and service which the business is offering, this could be a new computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Media Sharing (YouTube) – Microsoft uses YouTube for media sharing and they use this to show the public, how they have changed people lives, show interviews with members within the business and be hide the scenes at events and launches. Microsoft uses…

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  • Just Eat Short Story

    The Just Eat Mini Feed blog is the best place for information and ideas. You can find restaurant introductions, hear about new offers and events, and be inspired by takeaway ideas for different occasions. For example, you can learn how to make the most of the hot dog month! ********************************************************************************* YouTube Video Just Eat has a YouTube channel with plenty of fun videos to watch. The site features its classic TV ads, but you can also enjoy…

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  • Analysis Of Content Provider Paper: Crunchyroll

    Content Provider Paper: Crunchyroll Crunchyroll is a unique video streaming service, based out of San Francisco, which is primarily for streaming anime. It is “the leading global video service for Japanese anime and Asian media” (Crunchyroll). The company was founded by 3 UC Berkley graduates in 2008: Kun Gao, James Lin, and Brandon Ooi. Originally, CR was intended to be a “YouTube for Asian TV” (Orsni) where viewers would upload shows, without a license for others to watch, but Gao and his…

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  • Generation Like Movie Analysis

    she mentions how a few actors have responded to some of her postings in different social media’s. Ceili also explains to Douglas how it is an achievement for her to be one of the biggest fans of the movie and while she keeps posting and liking she has been knowledge by other people and create sort of a “Circle of Likes”. Tyler Oakley is one of the biggest YouTubers in YouTube. Tyler has created an online identity for himself through his videos, which allow other people with the same interest…

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  • Google Sourcing Strategy Analysis

    Google has also managed to show that they care about their employees learning and promoting how their employees solve the problem of home/work life balance Our team believes Googles’ employment brand will make recruiting for this position less of a challenge from a sourcing perspective and more of a challenge from a selecting the right applicant prospective. Workplace Culture: We pride ourselves on accepting differences and building upon them to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages…

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