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  • The Role Of Irrigation In Yuma

    Yuma & It’s Irrigation Intro Question One Describe in detail how irrigation changed Yuma/Southern Arizona? Irrigation in Yuma has evolved quite a lot, but before irrigation was evolving it was Yuma being evolved by irrigation. Before the help of irrigation, Yuma would often be flooded due to over rising waters that came from The Colorado. With the start of The Yuma Project, irrigation would be able to come into play. The Yuma Project would result with the construction of The Laguna Dam and various “networks of canals.”The dam would help keep the flooding to a minimum, though flooding was less likely, it still occurred. This flooding helped create…

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  • Analysis: The Biggest Project In Yuma

    The Biggest Project in Yuma. Irrigation is the process by which a water supply is brought to the land or crops to aid its growth, and to do so channels are usually used. The yuma project was designed to irrigate Yuma County Arizona And part of California and thus to exploit to the maximum the agricultural activities of the place using as main source of water the Colorado River. The project began in the year of 1903 and with the a series of geographic, environmental and logistical challenges…

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  • Yuma Territorial Prison

    A prison that was built by its own inmates was the Yuma Territorial Prison. I will be writing about the history of the Yuma Territorial Prison, I will be describing in detail what the prison looked like and what the prisoners did, the prison was built in Yuma, Arizona because Yuma is really hot and dry and there is nothing surrounding it, my limitations to further research are that i 've never seen the prison in person and i don 't know what the prisoners did on a daily bases except for what…

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  • Yima Project Case Study

    The developers of the Yuma project had to overcome several challenges before the project was built. Natural hazards and other difficulties made it hard to achieve the goal of building the Yuma project. The natural catastrophes that occurred at that time made detractors of the project criticise it even further. “Floods constituted a major hazard for the Yuma project.” They damaged the project several times, while it was built, being “fed by rapidly melting snow” in spring and early summer and…

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  • Irrigation In Yuma

    than it must expand in many ways such as houses, stores,parks,etc. Irrigation is one of the ways that an early city would need to improve on. Yuma was a great land of opportunity because it was in the desert and there was a lot of flat land and a good source of water. So farmers came to Yuma to try and grow there crops. Eventually there were at least 5000 people in Yuma but there were so many farmers it was harder to share and give water to one another.The canals guided the water to the farmers…

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  • Yuma Case Study

    Madalyn Rehme Coursework Ploude 4 Irrigation in Yuma and it's significance When you look at Yuma you normally don’t think much of it, especially if you were born and raised there. But if you really look into it Yuma usd to be quite a large state before it was even called Yuma. Before it was called Arizona City and it was used as a crossing for traded goods and produce. The shipments would cross from Arizona city to California across the Colorado. This however changed once they began building…

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  • Irrigation In Yuma Arizona

    main reason why Yuma Arizona is Yuma Arizona. The control of a river has made it easier to farm and farming is a huge part of the economic success the Yuma has. But Yuma hasn't always been a farming phenomenon it needed irrigation to flourish and that took a lot of work and time to become so. Irrigation changed yuma in a lot of different ways whether it be good or bad. For instance when there was a dam made for irrigation purposes, the steamer boat business was affected. The dam was…

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  • The Importance Of Irrigation In Yuma

    Irrigation in yuma and its significance. Intro: Question 1: Describe in detail how irrigation changed yuma? Yuma has changed in many ways over many years. It is known for a few things such as the sunniest city on earth. This is a big contributor to the success of yuma's agriculture in an otherwise barren and dry landscape yuma has ingenious ways of delivering water to their plants. This is their methods of irrigation they take water from the colorado and divert it by use of canals and dams.…

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  • Yuma Project Case Study

    The Yuma Project was different from other groups of people over time because as time passed and year after year irrigation was being more needed for farmers and the crops of lettuce, broccoli, and many vegetables crops. The water from the Colorado River is being used for that now a days and for decades the water has been used for crops. Since Southern Arizona was very dry the Yuma Project was designed so the crops could grow with enough water for the product to be sold to different entities.…

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  • The Importance Of The Yuma Territorial Prison

    Why is the Yuma Territorial Prison so important? Many people don't know the prison or the historical events that took place at the prison which is now a museum. The prison helped with multiple things such as helping the great depression, it also helped put away many convicts. The prison was also known to be a state of the ark prison because of its rules and how the prison was cleaned. Also, what most people don't know about the prison is when it went out of business after 33 years, it was turned…

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