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  • Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy Analysis

    “A shiny unicorn on top of the flowery lawn” is what Lucy, a GYPSY, and others like her envision for themselves (Urban). A GYPSY, or a Generation Y Protagonist and Special Yuppie, is a middle to upper class citizen born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s. All GYPSYs believe that they will be the best in their field because they are “special.” However, reality shows that this is not the case and that hard work is required to create and sustain a successful career, not just being told over and over that they are special. Tim Urban, writer of “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy,” expresses his ideas of why he believes Generation Y Yuppies are unhappy and what they must do to fix the problem. Urban’s use of language and visuals collectively…

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  • Analysis Of American Psycho By Bret Easton Ellis

    Ellis. Ellis completely captured the life in New York during the 80s. He used specific details to capture the essence of the 80s with the partying, clothes, and gadgets used in everyday life. American Psycho is about Patrick Bateman, a businessman who lives in New York City. Bateman enjoys - like others - eating at fancy restaurants, wearing the fanciest clothes, and going out with women and his coworkers; however, unlike others in this time period, Bateman has a fascination with killing others.…

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  • Pujol On Whiteness

    otherness withers away. All in all, Pujol’s journal offers an illumining discovery on the culture of whiteness in American art and society. Nevertheless, the next case study will dive into the status of whiteness inside and outside art spaces. Lastly, Maurice Berger’s article “ Picturing Whiteness: Nikki S.Lee’s Yuppie Project” describes an art project that finds an Asian American artist infiltrating a bunch of American WASP professionals in order to uncover the invisibility of whiteness within…

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  • Castilian Silhouette Book Report

    It is “Camellia” the lady bug right behind everyone.” “Cappy, Snappy I am not Yuppie, and Cross Hatch Happy”, said Melody, this is a beautiful lady bug who obviously enjoys reading about origami collage projects with beautiful materials.” These children had a wonderful technique with origami; and collage book projects, as the day continued the children learned to apply themselves with great confidence. “Gladly, a great museum, this Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain said, Melody.” However,…

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  • Let The Sunshine Play Analysis

    This is shown through the rise of Generation Y and the development of the words yuccie and yuppie in Australia. Generation Y is consisting of many young adolescents born in the early 1980’s and ‘they care less about salaries, and more about flexible working, time to travel and a better work-life balance.’ (Asthana, 2008) This is perfectly demonstrated in the mindset of Emma, as she continuously works long hours for money and her parents respect. Then ultimately comes to a realisation that there…

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  • Franklin Foer's How Soccer Explains The American Culture Wars

    about. Of course they cared about their son, but they cared about their reputations too and disregarded that other sports would have been better for Foer. He could have played basketball which required a lot of team building, and this would have helped foer break out of his shell and become more social. But it is a shame that Foster parent thought that basketball ‘Had the taint of the ghetto’ (Pg. 351, Paragraph 2). They could have enrolled their son into baseball, a sport that Foers father…

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  • Sitcoms Then And Now

    Sitcoms Then and Now “I’ll be there for you! ‘Cause you’re there for me too!” The opening song to Friends is the perfect beginning to the show. Friends, which was created in 1994, carries the viewer through the roller-coaster lives of 6 friends living in New York, who no matter what, are always there for each other. This is a show much more preferable to the raunchy sitcom How I Met Your Mother because it has a better theme, focal setting, and content. It is hard to believe that Friends…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Elinor Furgen's Visit To A Small Planet

    started to realize that they are at a point in life where they are obligated by circumstance to grow up, it revolves around loosing love, feeling powerless to society, or even feeling unimportant in somebody else’s eyes. Most importantly, it’s about how these characters overcome these feelings in order to become better people. Before the three main characters are analyzed one must first introduce the parents, even though they are mentioned briefly and have no dialogue within the play. They are…

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  • Technology In The 1980s

    monitor themselves, such as lights, tv, air conditioning, and more. The science of technology has come a long ways from the 1980s and if the things that happened in that time era did not happen, we probably would not be where we are in the technology field today. A lot of things were troubling in the early 1980s, such as the radical and countercultural movements, the Watergate scandal, and the Vietnam War. In the southeast and California population began explode after World War 2. People in…

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  • Jhumpa Lahiri Identity

    In Judith Caesar’s Gogol’s Namesake, she analyzes Moushumi’s importance to her friends named Astrid and Donald. Caesar states that “she (Moushumi) likes the American self she has created through her artsy-academic friends, Astrid and Donald, who also seem to be a predictable set of ideas and behaviors and possessions, nothing more than the material self that they share with thousands of other educated urban upper middle-class Americans. (One wonders about the extent to which Moushumi is to them…

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