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  • Nichelle Case Study

    Stolichnaya vodka in 39 markets across the world. During this project she was able to gain a lot of knowledge concerning cultural communications. Her favorite campaigns involve expanding her knowledge about the communications field. Nichelle is able to identify possible opportunities within markets that are being underrepresented. She began her blog/website, stylemom.com, because there was a lack of content for Generation X women. She states, “We weren’t just women and mothers that wear cardigans and khakis anymore, that wasn’t what a mom looked like . . . we were the ones influencing and creating change. Most of the platforms that Generation Y, Generation Z, and Millennials use today are built from people in my generation.” She began the first steps of her website by researching content and creating a test blog. The response from her test blog was encouraging and from this success, she taunched stylemom.com on Inauguration Day in 2009. Stylemom is 6-years old, and Nichelle treasures her first blog post that she wrote about Michelle Obama’s dress. Stylemom has elevated her career from behind-the-scenes, to in-front of the camera appearing in multiple television segments. Although Nichelle loves the communications industry, she believes diversity is one aspect of the business that needs to be improved. At the time Nichelle became an Account Director, only 3.2% of people at her level and higher in Advertising, in the United States, were minorities. As a person of color and…

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  • Music And Music Analysis: LL Cool Johnson

    It takes more than a skill set for one to adapt to the different dispensations in the art and music industry, but LL has surely withstood many different styles and has withstood the test of time. LL Cool J is one of the first celebrated rappers to walk through the dispensation of Hip Hop and pop whilst still maintaining his street credibility. He never lost the sense of where he began and the platform that propelled him into who he is today. To be an icon and a public figure the youth to look up…

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  • The Importance Of The Dumbest Generation

    An excerpt from the United States Government Foreign Service Journal published 1962 argued against a similar problem being faced today; kids don’t know history and that’s going to ruin this country. The article was published after a test given to students and young adults about American History. Thus, candidates we declared “abysmal ignorance,” when not being able to name principal rivers, gross national products, or the Jimmy Hoffa influence in this country (Source 5). However, at this time,…

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  • Baby Boomers Vs Generation Z Essay

    generation is separated by a group of years. Within a certain set of time, a significant amount of information can develop or change. A few years after the Great Depression the Baby Boomers generation started, from 1946 to 1964. Many things were invented and a lot of things were improved upon. Between the years 1996- 2010 Generation Z stepped into the spotlight. Even though, start to finish there is a 64-year difference between the oldest and youngest of these two generations, there is something…

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  • The Why-Worry Generation Analysis

    WHY OLDER PEOPLE HAVE OUR GENERATION WRONG AND HOW I AM STARTING TO THINK ITS JUST JEALOUSY While reading an article by Judith Warner called, “The Why-Worry Generation”, in this article, Judith talks about multiple points that I tend to disagree with when it comes to my generation and their upbringing. Whether it has to do with confidence, working preference or moving back home, I think we butt heads on almost all of it. I couldn’t help but find myself getting angry, confused, and a bit…

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  • Theory Y And Theory X Analysis

    as a whole, as well as the leisure industry. This has been seen with progression programs being offered in places such as Rudding Park, one of the North of England’s top hotels, where staff are encouraged to further their careers within their firm. Their employees speak of their love of their work place, and of how one employee stated his “story is of boy to man” and talks of the “Rudding family”, which employees feel they belong to (Rudding Park, 2012). Another example of this is British…

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  • Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy Analysis

    “A shiny unicorn on top of the flowery lawn” is what Lucy, a GYPSY, and others like her envision for themselves (Urban). A GYPSY, or a Generation Y Protagonist and Special Yuppie, is a middle to upper class citizen born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s. All GYPSYs believe that they will be the best in their field because they are “special.” However, reality shows that this is not the case and that hard work is required to create and sustain a successful career, not just being told over…

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  • Generational Gap Analysis

    prioritizing change and growth over loyalty and submission. While for some this is viewed as a rebellious, entitled state of mind, it often manifests itself in ambition, determination, and a willingness to improve on ideas as opposed to simply going with the flow. For example, when I worked as a summer camp counselor in Malibu, California this past summer, I reported to a unit head, who was in charge of all the campers of a certain age group. My unit head Edden, another millenial, fostered a…

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  • Lil Dicky Analysis

    Lil Dicky’s Emotional Rap Ballad Lil Dicky, real name David Andrew Burd, is a comedic rapper. He’s risen to fame by a reaching out to a group that generally doesn’t relate to more traditional rappers, upper-middle class white men. His first complete album, Professional Rapper, reached no.1 on the Billboard comedy and rap albums chart and no.7 on the Billboard top 200. Standing out from the rest of the comedic album is Molly, a song that follows him through the pain of attending the wedding of…

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  • Millennials: The Importance Of Diversity In Our Society

    Every day, whether you are listening to the radio, watching TV, or even at school you will hear someone or a group of people talking about my generation (the Millennials) and how screwed or ignorant we are. In some ways they are right, but are we really as incompetent as they think? We know more about technology than our parents and grandparents, we are creative and optimistic when it comes to work, and we have a better understanding with the need to help others. Also, we stay connected to…

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