Nichelle Case Study

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Nichelle Pace has made a successful career for herself in the communications industry, by finding underserviced niches in the market and catering to their needs. She studied radio, TV, and film at Temple University, and never thought her career would take her to new heights, such as speaking in front of an audience of 200 people in Hong Kong. Nichelle has grown her career from production to a Social Media Account Supervisor for Slice Communications, in addition to creating her own website Working in the advertising/marketing field for fourteen years, Nichelle began her career utilizing traditional media, print and broadcast. However, she saw a shift happening in the market and began to focus her attention on new media, now known as digital marketing and social media. Her prediction of this medium shift, from traditional to new media, has enabled her to become an expertise in integrated marketing. …show more content…
She has assisted global brands with scaling their social media in different country’s markets, aiding consumer-packaged-goods companies in reaching their target audience, supporting businesses during crisis communications, and facilitating advertisements of developed campaigns on all social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest. When asked if all of her experiences make her an expert on social media, Nichelle responded, “social [media] is always changing . . . a lot of people say I’m an expert. I never really like to say I’m an expert; I’m [well] versed in it. You are never going to be an expert in anything digital, because it changes from day to day. Every platform evolves in a digital

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