Mexican Revolution And The De La Garza Family

The Echo of Women
The Mexican Revolution is something that changed Mexico for the better and that had so many parts that made it happen. For instance, a key component to the victory was the role that women played. Not only because they cooked, cleaned and took care of their children, but they also fought for their rights as well. As for the De La Garza family, they fought for themselves without a father or a male role model by their side. They only took care of their husbands, which reflects the echo of the woman from the revolution because they had to take care of the men while the youngest daughter of the De La Garza family had to take care of her mother, which shows that they were treated poorly. First of all, I will be mentioning facts
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Meaning how the women helped men prepare for the war and how women like Gertrudis from the De La Garza family were able to devote themselves to the war. Gertrudis triumphed her way up to make herself important to Mama Elena. “She was a general in the Revolutionary army. The commission had been earned by sheer hard work, she fought like mad on the field of battle. Leadership was in her blood, and once she joined the army, she began a rapid ascent through powerful positions until she arrived at the top (Esquivel 178-179).” Even women in the Mexican Revolution contributed to the war by becoming soldiers, just how Gertrudis went through an uphill battle just to have accomplishments in her life. “The idea that a woman could take up a non-traditional profession as a soldier was a radical idea (Fernandez).” Women played a major role in the Mexican Revolution, they ignored what men told them they couldn’t do and went out and made a difference in their history. Even when the men thought something different, the women made a huge impact in the war just by becoming …show more content…
The woman in the revolution also had that same thing because they were basically kept there to do things and help the men out so they could win the battles. The tradition was one of the main things that the De La Garza family did well, even if they didn’t want to. “For generations, not a single person in my family has ever questioned this tradition, and no daughter of mine is going to be the one to start (Esquivel 11).” This shows how the women had never broken the tradition for many generations. Which states that the women were committed to keeping it going. When the woman went to the revolution they also had traditions, but theirs is where they could break free from it and finally be themselves because they were helping in the war and participating in battles.
In conclusion, women in the Mexican Revolution and the De La Garza family took charge of their capabilities and turned it into something that nobody thought that they were able to do. They even continued traditions that have been going on for a prolonged period of time. They also cared for their families and the multiple events that they had contributed to making an impact in their

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