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  • Analysis Of Bene Vierian's An Open Letter To Tyler Perry

    open letter . In response to Tyler Perry’s numerous films, Ms. Viera attempts to appeal to the audience by beginning to congratulate Tyler Perry on his success but in doing so she inadvertently commits a fallacy. “Let me begin by congratulating you on your massive success. It is truly commendable to overcome the obstacles you have- molestation, poverty, abuse, and homelessness- to becoming the highest paid man in entertainment.” (1) Viera ineffectively appeals to the reader and commits an ad hominem fallacy. Although she compliments Tyler Perry, she immediately makes an effort on attacking Tyler Perry’s credibility as an artist. Precisely this type of claim she establishes and incorporates in her open letter unquestionably weakens her argument by including irrelevant information. She moderately adjudicates him and paints this negative picture of Tyler Perry for the audience in attempts of strengthening her argument, but it backfires. Not only does she commit and ad hominem fallacy, but there is evidence of other ethical ones as well. Claiming she is a media critic and journalist, with lack of evidence and support, her argument is weakened. Viera’s ethical fallacy of false authority is described in detail: “I write this letter as a black woman, journalist and media critic. I have had countless debates with intellectuals about the quality of your work and whether or not your depictions of the black community are damaging. In those conversations I’ve often…

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  • Reflective Essay 'The Side You Don T See'

    three of these strategies are ethos, pathos, and logos. Although you do not necessarily need to use all three of those strategies to make an effective argument, a writer does need a strong foundation in all three if they wish to write a strong argumentative paper that can be given out to the public (such as a newspaper editorial). In my paper “The Side You Don’t See” I attempted to use all three of these strategies to strengthen my argument, yet, I do believe that I was lacking in ethos. The…

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  • Josh Fox's Gasland: Analysis

    creditability through the use of pathos. Viewers sympathize with the small town man from Pennsylvania whose peaceful lifestyle has been invaded by the negative effects of fracking. The interactions with fellow victims seem real and genuine; the audience begins to feel remorse for the health and well being of those affected. A lot of attention was brought to the film and viewers fear Fox’s statements are true. Phil Mcaleer creates the documentary FrackNation to supposedly expose the truth about…

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  • Burqa Essay Examples

    fallacy. The analogies used do not have negative differences and strong positive similarities. Premise Four Premise four has misinterpreted the poll results. The information gathered indicates that 81% of respondents do agree on banning the wearing of Burqa in ‘courts’. Harper has used the poll results out of context and has generalised it fallaciously. Advance Australia has argued that the burqa needs to be banned in Australia. To do so they have included numerous language devises as well as…

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  • Stoker Argumentative Fallacies?

    Argumentative fallacy 's can be seen in everyday life from talking with one 's mom to speaking with their boss, the trouble is identifying these fallacy 's and being aware that they do exist and can affect oneself and the person they are speaking to. Being able to know the difference between an ad hominem and straw man could be the difference between winning one 's argument. To begin with, two quite opposite articles have been provided that contain a central claim about the Iraq war. One of…

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  • Examples Of Logical Fallacies

    Logical fallacies are basically common errors. Everyone single person every day makes a common error. The logical fallacies that I will be discussing are the sunk cost fallacy, slippery slope fallacy, hasty generalization fallacy, post hoc ergo propter hoc, ad hominem, red herring, and the straw man fallacy. It happens to everyone of us, even though we may not even realize it sometimes. Sunk cost fallacy is getting into something and not wanting to get out of it because you may have put a lot…

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  • Hasty Generality In 12 Angry Men: Why So So Serious?

    The 12 angry men are serious because they had their personal opinions’ shifted and evasively molded into something new entirely through the use of fallacious statements. The film showcases fallacies such as: hasty and sweeping generalizations, argument ad hominem, and ad misericordiam; thus, by using these rhetorical tactics, the audience can learn a valuable lesson—people use fallacies in everyday conversation (some even do so unconsciously.) Therefore, the film 12 Angry Men can be used as a…

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  • Genetic Fallacy Quiz


 7) Which of the following are the most common types of doubts people may have about a source?

 A. Status and academic degree

B. Occupation and employer

C. Prominence in the field of study and experience

D. Expertise and accuracy

 8) Which of the following is the most reliable source of information?

 A. Wikipedia®

B. A blog

C. A book recommended by your instructor

D. Britannica Online®

 9) Consider the following exchange: “How do I know God exists?…

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  • Hannah Rosin's Mother Inferior

    An example of an ad hominem is, “Ms. Chua parenting prescription is that it exists wholly apart from any passion or innate talent” (311). Rosin might suggest Ms. Chua doesn’t know how to live life to the fullest, or maybe she is bland and had no childhood of her own. False dilemma is another fallacy I noticed in this essay. The way she says there is only two types of parenting, “tiger moms” and “western parents” leaves the whole world oblivious. You know there are many other parenting types,…

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  • Rhetorical Ethics

    misappropriates resources. Therefore, a credible journalist has a responsibility to abide by factual reporting as they have the potential for influencing the public solely through persona rather than argument Krakauer’s imperfect work in Three Cups of Deceit demonstrates that an ethical investigative journalist should avoid personal emotion and instead focus on presenting logical arguments. His most blatant fallacies are appeals to emotion and hasty generalizations based on insufficient…

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