Logical fallacies

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  • Examples Of Logical Fallacies

    Logical fallacies are basically common errors. Everyone single person every day makes a common error. The logical fallacies that I will be discussing are the sunk cost fallacy, slippery slope fallacy, hasty generalization fallacy, post hoc ergo propter hoc, ad hominem, red herring, and the straw man fallacy. It happens to everyone of us, even though we may not even realize it sometimes. Sunk cost fallacy is getting into something and not wanting to get out of it because you may have put a lot of time or spent some money with that specific project. I love shopping, especially in Murfreesboro and Nashville. When I go shopping, I plan to spend money. I am going down there to shop and spend money, I expect to bring some clothes or shoes home. I drove all the way down to the big cities and I do not find anything I like, I feel compelled to buy something even if I do not need it. I wish I was not that way, but I love to shop and I always feel like I have to buy something. I am going to work on changing that habit. I am not only wasting my money, but I am also wasting my money on something I am probably not even going to wear that much. Slippery slope fallacy is an action of unacceptable series of events. I am bad about using my cell phone when I drive. When I was fifteen and I drove with my mom, she would never let 2 me use…

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  • Logical Fallacy Examples

    Logical Fallacies are errors in reasoning that render arguments invalid and misrepresent issues. These assertions are often presented in ways that make them appear as proven facts, but they are often the opposite. Individuals using logical fallacies on purpose promote dishonesty, remove strength from arguments, and accuse readers of being unintelligent. These are found in essay writing, editorials, politics, slogans, social media posts, and advertising. Logical fallacies are arguments…

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  • Logical Fallacies Examples

    Logical fallacies are the overall analysis of an argument or an message that is being shown. Fallacies are normally involved into many marketing methods, as well as, in the law. I began to explain these examples to my roommate on Friday night. I went through each logical fallacy and explained to her what they were, along with an example of each. The name of all the logical fallacies are as follows: Ad hominem argumentum, ad misericordiam argumentum, ad populum argument, bandwagon appeal, begging…

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  • The Black And White Logical Fallacy

    example of a politician engaging in debate with a narrow point of view is when Donald Trump stated at a rally in Arizona that the newly approved government budget would decrease border security, however, the actually clause within the proposal states that more money will be available for border control (Donald Trump 's File). He had such a simplistic way of looking at information that not only does he tend to skew information but he uses what is called the Black and White logical fallacy. This…

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  • Logical Fallacies In Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

    certain key opportunities that arose in the lives of many successful people and argues that these rare and exceptional opportunities are the reasons behind people’s success. While analyzing multiple stories of success, to persuade his readers into agreeing with his opinion on success, Gladwell incorporates the use of multiple logical fallacies that throw his entire perspective on success into question. Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” is a book about how having enough foresight to take advantage…

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  • False Logical Fallacies In Everyday Life

    Logical fallacies are part of everyday life, whether we notice them or not. Fallacies are the mistakes in our reasoning. One common fallacy is false analogy. In a false analogy, two objects, events or people that aren’t typically related, are shown to be similar. An example of this would be comparing object A to object B. If object A has property C, and object B has property C, objects A and B must be the same thing. An analogy fails when the two objects are different in a way which affects…

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  • Logical Fallacies In Bowling For Columbine

    The director of the documentary Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore, portrays many of today’s issues in the United States of America. American’s have a hard time with thinking things through and trying to find the root to major problems, thus resulting into a total disaster. The United States has the most gun related crimes in the world. Michael Moore tries to find the root to this problem which is seemingly unknown. Citizens and the media tend to make generalizations that try to single out…

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  • Logical Fallacies In Advertising Essay

    Advertising is used to persuade spectators into becoming buyers. Logical fallacies are often used in advertising to appeal towards emotions or impression instead of facts. One example of a logical fallacy used in advertising is hasty conclusions. A hasty conclusion is made when a generalization is made before enough specific items have been examined. For example, in 2012, Honey Nut Cheerios launched an ad campaign claiming to be “America’s Favorite Cereal.” America consists of over three hundred…

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  • Pussy Riot Trial Analysis

    was riddled with fallacies from the prosecution and their witnesses. From the start of the trail the three members of Pussy Riot were…

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  • Logical Fallacy In The Crucible Analysis

    It is an Ad Hominem fallacy, because he attacks her character instead of using reasoning. He ends up confessing about his affair. The teens including Marry confess that he is the evil one, the devil. The courts arrest proctor. When the day of proctors hanging comes he is given one last chance to confess of him seeing the devil. John takes the plea and confesses, he is asked to give other names and sign his name on a document. He refuses on both terms, claiming to only be responsible for his name…

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