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  • Analysis Of Lois Duncan's Killing Mr. Griffin

    that taking books off the shelves is a violation of a person’s first amendment right, their free speech. Lois Duncan’s Killing Mr. Griffin has been challenged countless times by many groups of people who feel that the book’s plot and language should not be something that people are reading about and the authors of the inappropriate books are to blame. When groups of people join together to try to get any book off the shelves and out of the minds of readers the first amendment becomes a very important issue. The first amendment guarantees the freedom of…

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  • Censorship In Lois Duncan's Killing Mr. Griffin

    curriculum. Also, the book can not be distributed by teachers in the school. After reading Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan, we believe that it should be censored because it involves bad role models and a lot of violence. To begin, this book should be banned because of it is bad role models. One troublesome character in the book is Mark. Mark demonstrates many traits of a bad person all while keeping an innocent and expressionless face. One example that exhibits Mark’s bad behavior is when…

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  • Analysis Of Baxter's 'Gryphon' By Charles Baxter

    Conventional Meets Interesting Gryphons, or griffons, are mythological creatures with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. The new substitute teacher talks about these in the short story “Gryphon” written by Charles Baxter. This new substitute teacher comes in and disregards everything that the class had learned and done before that. Within the few days that she is there, she goes on to tell the class wild things about mythological creatures and angles that she claimed to…

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  • What Is The Odd In Gryphon

    Everyone sits still and silent in their seats the whole time she plays her list of stories. “I had liked her. She was strange. I thought I could nail him, ‘ If she was lying,’ I said, ‘What did she say that was a lie?’ ” (pg. 56 l. 413-415). After school, a classmate named Carl Whiteside tells Tommy Miss Ferenczi is lying about the extravagant set of stories she had told them. Tommy finds himself demanding proof that she lied. Carl says that there are no such things that are half lion and half…

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  • Stereotypes In Family Guy

    Stereotypes are a common occurrence in everyday life, but they show unreasonable expectations. It puts labels on a group of people according to their sex, race, religious views, or other facts. A group of people that is commonly stereotyped in the media today are Jews. When thinking of Jews, an individual may call to mind a few things, such as all Jews are obsessed with money, bad at sports, white, and have big noses. The television show on FOX called Family Guy does not help to contradict the…

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  • Dystopian Society In Lois Lowry's The Giver

    Dystopian society in Lois Lowry 's The Giver The dystopian society is when the things have gone wrong in the utopian society, which finally makes it opposite of utopian. The society in the novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry, was supposed to be a utopian society. It means to be the place with no pain or violence among people and supportive government that meets the needs of every single person. At the beginning of the novel, Jonas thought his society was truly a utopian society. However, he…

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  • Symbolism In The Giver

    staying up past my bedtime in elementary school engrossed in wondrous tales of adventure and danger. Reading, specifically for enjoyment, has always been a priority in my life as it allowed me to escape the monotony found in everyday life, providing me with the necessary tools to break the chains of reality and enter a lush world full of new exciting experiences. However, with the flood of literature I was exposed to as a child came standards which were abnormally high, numbing my reactions to…

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  • Importance Of Honor In The Giver

    In a Utopia everything is supposed to be perfect, that isn’t the case for Jonas. It is an honor for Jonas to be selected as the receiver of memory because only one person is selected, not assigned, to this job. The memory receiver job is very important and special because there is only one person who is able to hold all of the memories for everyone. The giver that gave Jonas the memories is a special person since he held all the memories and once he passes them on he loses all of them. Although…

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  • The Transformation Of Jonas In The Giver By Lois Lowry

    Imagine if you lived in a town where everything is perfect. In the novel The Giver written by Lois Lowry, there is a 12 year old boy named Jonas who lives in a utopian community or a community where everything and everyone is perfect. In this community there certain people that make certain sacrifices to make this community chaos free. In this story Jonas is chosen to hold all the memories of the world so no one else has too. Jonas changes throughout The Giver and as a result, tries to change…

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  • Theme Of Individuality In The Giver

    emotion, where individuality is a thing of the past, and where the world has been drained of color. Jonas is just like everyone else in his community. But after the Ceremony of Twelve, he is separated from his peers in a way that is to them, inconceivable. A man known as The Giver has chosen Jonas to receive memories in order for him to experience the world as it existed in the past: a place of pain, joy, sorrow, and beauty. As Jonas’s perception of the world begins to change, he starts thinking…

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