Stereotypes In Family Guy

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Stereotypes are a common occurrence in everyday life, but they show unreasonable expectations. It puts labels on a group of people according to their sex, race, religious views, or other facts. A group of people that is commonly stereotyped in the media today are Jews. When thinking of Jews, an individual may call to mind a few things, such as all Jews are obsessed with money, bad at sports, white, and have big noses. The television show on FOX called Family Guy does not help to contradict the stereotypes towards this religious group. In season eight, episode two, Lois Griffin uncovered that she was Jewish by chance during a visit to the doctor. Jews are inaccurately stereotyped in the television show Family Guy.

One inaccurate stereotype expressed in Family Guy is that all Jews are covetous and rich. In one scene, Lois 's father,
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During the second episode of the eighth season, Stewie Griffin 's gym teacher tossed a soccer ball to the group of young boys who just stared at the ball until Stewie barely kicked it and they cheered excitedly. After this scene, it opened up into the school 's hallway where there is a golden statue of Stewie as he kicks a soccer ball. Based on the other kids ' reaction and the school creating a trophy for Stewie 's desultory kick, the viewer can assume that the Jews in Family Guy are usually bad at sports. Even though the generalization that all Jews cannot play sports is ever present, it does not apply to the whole population. It may, however, apply to individuals throughout the religious group, therefore this stereotype may hold a grain of truth. One 's religious views have no influence on their aptitude in sports. An example of a Jew who was successful in sports is the former professional tennis player, Aaron Krickstein. Aaron competed on the ATP Tour from 1983 to 1996. Being Jewish is a religion and has no effect on one 's physical

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