Post hoc ergo propter hoc

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  • Ain T Misbehavin Stanley Peele Analysis

    accountable for their actions" is glaringly irrelevant because it does not answers any question relating the conclusion. Also other sentence in the second paragraph of the passage saying "often the only penalty for gross, even criminal misconduct is undergoing counselling in a treatment centre" is glaringly irrelevant as it does not answers any question relating the conclusion. It does not answers why a disease model of addiction is harmful for society. Now I have finished with the glaring irrelevancies. Now I am turning to the fallacies in the passage. The premise Accepting addiction as a disease will create a world in which a reason is put forward to justify a fault, a world which will turn into a complete disorder commits a fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc because it explains what will happen in the world if we accept addiction as a disease. It is fallacy of supposing that because one event follows another, then the second has been caused by the first. The premise People with addictions would be held less "accountable for their actions even when they have harmed others" because they would be thought sick as Governor Dukakis puts addiction as a sickness commits fallacy of false cause. Not all people with addictions are held less accountable for their actions. It is only possible if an addict is diagnosed with some disease. The former does not cause the latter. The premise "Often the only penalty for gross, even criminal misconduct" of addicts "is undergoing counselling…

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  • Fear Of The Monster Is Really A Kind Of Desire Analysis

    One of the logical fallacies that I found is Post hoc ergo propter hoc, which means the author assumes that one event causes the other. For example “Times of carnival temporally marginalize the monstrous, but at the same time allow it a safe realm of expression and play: on Halloween everyone is a demon for a night” (Cohen, 191). The author is assuming that in Halloween most people dress up as the monster they desire to be, which led all the expression to come up and also the real actions that a…

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  • My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead By Chuck Klosterman

    Later on in life, a man with the same name as her brother went up to her and told her that he was a zombie who had to work for his master and once he had died all of them were free. They confirmed that he was actually her brother and the story was almost too crazy to believe (Kaplan 168). Kaplan then goes to discuss the smell of garlic and how that smell really affects vampires as well as other horrible monsters but mostly vampires. “Some studies have shown that garlic fights infection, reduces…

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  • Fallacies In Advertising Essay

    Within my project I used illustrations of different fallacies that are commonly used to argue, persuade, and advertise to people. The three fallacies that I used were ad populum, ad verecundiam, and false cause (post hoc ergo propter hoc). While they were subtly used, they are able to illustrate what those specific fallacies are and why they are used in everyday advertising or arguments. The first fallacy I used in my advertisement for First Glitter was ad populum. This is simply stated as a…

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  • Examples Of Logical Fallacies

    Logical fallacies are basically common errors. Everyone single person every day makes a common error. The logical fallacies that I will be discussing are the sunk cost fallacy, slippery slope fallacy, hasty generalization fallacy, post hoc ergo propter hoc, ad hominem, red herring, and the straw man fallacy. It happens to everyone of us, even though we may not even realize it sometimes. Sunk cost fallacy is getting into something and not wanting to get out of it because you may have put a lot…

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  • Essay: The Resurgence Of Nationalism

    Imagery in Mussolini 's speech exhibits Italian might: "It is forty-four million Italians marching in unity behind this army" (Mussolini, 1935, p. 79). A strong military oftentimes follows nationalism because of its ability to dominate others. Furthermore, Hitler (1941) states, "Nothing is impossible for the German soldier" (p. 132), which depicts a perception of invincibility, and an idea that if one supports Germany, then they, too, can achieve anything. Additionally, post hoc ergo propter hoc…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Washington D. C.

    It is where D-Day partially took place. According to, “There were six 155mm cannon in heavily reinforced concrete bunkers that were capable of hitting either beach with their big shells.” We explored the ground and heard from Jeff Struecker, who served in the army as a chaplain and a captain for operations like Black Hawk Down. I remember seeing craters the size of a house. These humungous and steep holes in the ground showed the damage that was caused during the war. After…

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  • Archaic Logical Fallacy Of Post Hoc

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc (often shortened to “post hoc”), is an archaic logical fallacy that, when utilized in mathematics, can be used to disguise a less impressive statistic. The fallacy states that since B happened after A, A caused the outcome of B. An example of this is marketing techniques to deter teenagers from smoking cigarettes. Since smoking and low grades often go together, the marketing team can say that smoking causes low grades. What the propagandists don’t reveal is that perhaps…

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  • Modus Ponens 'Global Climate Change Argument'

    the worst but I feel it suits the slippery slope fallacy. Another fallacy I believe was committed is appeal to ignorance, which is a fallacy that lacks opposing evidence to the conclusion being argued. Now, I agree that his conclusion is inescapable but Greg Craven says that column A is “the only responsible choice and the only defensible choice” which I feel could be an appeal to ignorance lacking contrary opinion and portraying his conclusion as the end all be all decision. The third fallacy I…

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  • Name Of Fallacy Ad Hominem Analysis

    Source: 3. A. Name Of Fallacy: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc B. Fallacy: "We hold that the tricky and vacuous compositions displayed by Lyotard, and by a number of his kindred postmodernists, are writings that intentionally lead their perusers to stray into errancy… Often, they dismiss all and any truth, and just spread obliviousness and duplicity. Subsequently, these tricky vacuous composition have a place in the dustbin of history!" C. Explanation:…

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