Essay: The Resurgence Of Nationalism

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The Resurgence of Nationalism
Nationalism is the notion of pride and superiority in one 's country, in which binds the public community together in allegiance to their nation, regardless of culture, religion, or language. Recognizable ideologies of nationalism appear prominently in 20th century Europe during independent nations ' desire for dominance and prestige. Not only does nationalism exist historically, but it also exists today. When it comes to the topic of Nationalism, many agree that nationalism has been a great influencer in the past, but with deep analysis of today 's political speakers and written works, I contend that nationalism also impacts modern political ideas.
Pressures of Nationalism
Speeches in Infamous Speeches exemplify
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Imagery in Mussolini 's speech exhibits Italian might: "It is forty-four million Italians marching in unity behind this army" (Mussolini, 1935, p. 79). A strong military oftentimes follows nationalism because of its ability to dominate others. Furthermore, Hitler (1941) states, "Nothing is impossible for the German soldier" (p. 132), which depicts a perception of invincibility, and an idea that if one supports Germany, then they, too, can achieve anything. Additionally, post hoc ergo propter hoc is evident when Lindbergh (1941) argues, "And if we, the American people, do that, independence and freedom will continue to live among us, and their will be no foreign war" (p. 122). Lindbergh claims that the powerful U.S. military must avoid the war in order to extend their long fought peace. Nowadays, especially across the Middle East: "The only common factor that linked to national pride for the Sunnis, Shi 'is, and Kurds is attitude against foreign Muslim militants" (Moaddel, Tessler, & Inglehart, 2008, p. 677). The notion that armed forces defend the country and has the potential to defeat the common enemy in battle, generates the secure tie between military and nationalism, resulting in today 's struggle to calm clashing forces and their fight for

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