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  • Post War Memory

    Kent State/May 4 and Postwar Memory Article Review In this article, the author analyzes and discusses the effects of the May 4, 1970 Kent State shooting and war as well as the monuments and the varying views on the memories. Additionally, this article includes background of the May 4 incident and both the official and the rejected monuments in Kent State. Kent State/May 4 and Postwar Memory is written by John Fitzgerald O 'Hara. Fitzgerald O’Hara is a professor at John Hopkins University. Fitzgerald O 'Hara’s purpose for writing this article is to inform the readers of the commitment to history and memory of the victims in Kent State university. The author’s argues that the efforts to remember May 4 and war have fallen short because of the…

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  • Post-Cold War Security

    In the Post Cold War Era, new aspects of security became apparent and led to the expansion of security; security was not only the security of particular states or people but the security of the international society and security was not only based on issues between states but issues within states. The Post cold War developments of security led to the concept of human security which emphasizes the security of individuals not of states. The chapter implies that security had remained the crucial…

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  • Post War South Summary

    At the conclusion of the American Civil War, the Southern states were decimated, their fields were scorched, their cities lay in ruin, the slave holding social order was dismantled, and the Southern people were forced to face an existence in a union with their former foes. These facets were not lost on the people of the North. However, there was a need for a comprehensive examination of the post war South that would reveal to Northerners the true nature of affairs in the post war South. A recent…

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  • Post War Consensus Essay

    It is generally accepted by majority of political historians that a post-war UK consensus on social policy between the two major British political parties of Conservatives and Labour did in fact exist during the period between 1945-79 however, it can also be argued that a new consensus has ensued since, diverging from the values and touching points previously established prior to 1979. This essay will focus on the analysis and evaluation of various different arguments advocating the replacement…

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  • Post War Military Service

    Post-war Military Service After the cessation of hostilities on November 11, 1918, John reenlisted in the service and, subsequently, became part of the occupation forces. Since the signing of the armistice occurred before the German retreat reached their home territory, the occupation forces had to travel to Germany from their positions on the front. The American unit, to which John had been assigned, loaded the gear that they couldn’t carry in horse drawn wagons and walked into Germany.…

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  • Post-War Target Date

    My target date was September 21, 1945. This date was shortly after the end of World War II. Many of the news articles and advertisements in the newspaper were overflowing with reports about the war and detailed post-war life and the nation’s recovery to some form of normality. Since this is referenced from a Georgia newspaper the articles are specific to things that were going on in the state of Georgia during this time. I pulled and discussed some of the articles from the paper that pertained…

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  • Australia Post-War Analysis

    The accuracy of White’s comments was seen in 1943 onwards, as “the necessities for cooperation” ceased to be so pressing with the turn of the tide of war in both Europe and the Pacific. Curtin’s government moved away from America and back to Britain once again. As Australia began to seem more secure, its government began to consider the shape of the post-war world and its associated challenges and started to see America as less of a partner in war than, in peace, potentially isolationist…

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  • Sharecropping In The Post-Civil War

    Labor and agriculture are two important factors that have built the South. Dating back to post-civil war, former slaves became freedmen in the South. With one-third of the population being slaves at the time, free labor was the wealth of the south. This became a large problem to former slave owners as well as the Southern economy. Almost instantly, the states begin passing laws and acts to bind laborers to the land in which they were already working. Southern land owners used the state’s power…

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  • Post-World War II Themes

    Over seventy years into the post-1945 world, and the lingering effects of the Cold War continue to shape global society to this day. When analyzing post-World War II history, historians recognize three key themes that emerged throughout the era: political ideologies and the paradoxes of their implementation; the growth of nation-states, nationalism, supranationalism, and internationalism; and tensions between individual rights and societal claims. Though each theme listed is solidified as a…

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  • Post War Japanese Literature Essay

    what the literacy was like in Japan after World War II? How it affected their life and culture? Well, here you’ll find out the impact of writing in Post-War Japan. After the war, literature in Japan was basically on the ground, it was dead. Many authors were pressured to write and support war, and supposedly was successful for military. Various authors did not get a chance to publish their books, since they were not supporting war, or did not fit the theme of violence. “Writers with backlogs…

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