Post-industrial society

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  • Globalization Of Education In America By Alvin Toffler

    As the world becomes more advances, some people tend to adapt along and some does not. Alvin Toffler, an American write and a futurist, stated, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who can 't learn, relearn, and unlearn.” In his quote, he implies that those who cannot learn, relearn, and unlearn are illiterate because their knowledge are basic and is not advance like the other people Toffler refer to as “those”. According to Alvin Toffler, those people are illiterate because of the influence of technological devices, and globalization. In the world of technology, people are mostly dependent on the devices of today, which results into illiteracy, as mention in the quote. Technology is being used all over the world today, specifically computers and phones. People would use those devices to stay connected to the web, and other people but what they don 't know is that it is causing them to be illiterate. It is causing users to become illiterate because they makes words in shortcut forms, for example “U”, which means “you”, and sadly, people get used to it and include those abbreviated words in formal essays and other related writings, as it was stated on “2 million minutes”. According to Toffler, you are not illiterate if you can unlearn, and learn, and that relates to this example because people using abbreviated words have to unlearn that habit, and start learning to spell out the world correctly, because in the real…

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  • Arthur Miller's Circles Of Responsibility Analysis

    In his article, “Arthur Miller’s Circles of Responsibility: A View From the Bridge and Beyond,” Donald Costello speaks about what he calls the circles of responsibility. This is his way of showing the interconnectedness among the self, the family, society, and the universe. He illustrates this by placing the self as the center of a circle. It is surrounded by the family, which in turn is surrounded by society. The outer ring of the circle is the universe/fate/God. (Costello 444). Costello…

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  • Section 17-20 Century: Course Analysis

    296).” Although women played a major role they truly were stuck in the structure of the industrial revolution. Women had few choices when it came down to jobs that could be work during this time period. Which can be shown by Frader, “women could be found in all types of manufacturing structures, though their place in industrial capitalism differed significantly according to their class position (Frader pg. 299).” As we can see women were placed in a certain job due to social class and that…

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  • Industrialism In Canada

    system based on individual craftwork and family agriculture to highly politicized, collective factory work to a constantly evolving knowledge- and service-based, bureaucratized structure. This evolution from pre-industrialism to post-industrialism has affected the work itself (how it’s organized and accomplished), workers and their relationship with management, government involvement, and how technology is used. However, can we consider Canada a post-industrial society? The purpose of this paper…

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  • Why So Many People Overshare On Social Media Essay

    The Real Reasons Why So Many People Overshare on Social Media People are becoming less and less mindful their posts on the web due to an temporary feeling media has. People are oversharing when posting because they feel drown out by the din on the contemporary media landscape. This is a problem because rather than attracting authentic attention we are only adding to the din of the noise. Before the creation of social media, an “oversharer” was someone who within the first couple minutes of…

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  • Post Social Media

    many times does a teenager or an adult post or browse through a social media site? It happens countless of times a day, all around the world. Countless people in today’s world do not realize how caught up in themselves that they appear blind to their ever changing surroundings. Social media contributes to this issue in a major way. People spend time on social media sites that could be spent towards more a productive activity. “Between February 2005 and August 2006, the use of social networking…

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  • What Is Success In Life Essay

    should be? Then, think about those problems of your life differently i.e. positively. The time when I felt that my life is against me was when I lost the post I wanted in student government of my school. Positive thinking skills helped me to come out of depression and taught me a great lesson of life, i.e. whatever happens it happens for good. So, my positive thinking skills helped me to get out of depression and helped me in succeeding in school. It is important to think positively every…

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  • Social Media Impact On Sports

    it and have forgotten what life was like before it existed. Social media has such a large impact that one simple post can change a person’s perspective. “Social media…shows clearly that the ‘meaning’ or ‘effect’ of digital technologies is formed through the practices in which they are used and the social relations and institutions that develop around them” (Lövheim, Jansson, Paasonen &Sumiala, 2013). Each post needs to be thoroughly thought out and planned. Social media is everywhere, for all…

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  • Social Media Addiction Effects On Teenagers

    "Let 's take a selfie!" The phrase selfie has become so popular that the Oxford Dictionary added it as an official word. The song #Selfie by the Chainsmokers made it to No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart. Not only has the rise of selfies taken been drastic but also the rise of photographs taken in general. Mothers post photos of their children everyday, artist post their paintings, and yes, most people post selfies. The rise of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat all take part of the…

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  • Instagram Swot Analysis

    several companies- especially service-oriented find it difficult to create their post to stay long. Information just does it is work once the correct individuals begin to see the correct posts and stocks, and several entrepreneurs however have a problem with this significantly more than this content development itself. By having an audience of 100-million effective customers importing more than 40 thousand images each day, Instagram has excellent possibility of a brand-name to operate a vehicle…

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