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  • Art Project Proposal

    utilitarian approach, I formed a specialized team to better fulfill this project: • Acting as the theorist of the project, co-leader Robert Riglietti has consulted with his advisor Dr. Ian Reyes, a professor of communication studies with a focus in media, regarding journals and passages that are pertinent to the project. These include: The Network Society by Manuel Castells, Various papers by Danah Boyd, and Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier. Having instigated the project, and spearheaded the formation of the concept and partnership, Rob acts as the ‘Heart’ of the project. • Studying both computer science and art, co-leader Kira Wencek is responsible for constructing the application. Working under the tutelage of Prof. David Brown, Kira has begun practicing coding through online resources such as…

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  • Advancement Of Women In The Workplace Essay

    percent since the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 (Eagly & Carli, 2007). Women have not only consistently had higher average high school GPAs than their male counterparts, they have been earning over half of the bachelors’ degrees in the US since the mid-1980s (Russell Sage Foundation, 2013). Women have been increasingly filling management roles for the past fifty years but are still nowhere near on parity with men, especially when it comes to senior management. While women hold an…

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  • Jeff Binney's Challenging Social Norm

    What does one think of when they think of another person challenging the societal norms? That they are odd? That they are crazy? How about courageous and wise? Jeff binney is are both of these and more. During his childhood he was the son of a pig farmer but ended up being a vegan. Then after losing his mother to obesity, Binney decided to make a change in his life and tackle the Leadville 100. on top of these things, he is pursuing a career in comedy while touring in a bus that he is building.…

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  • Do To Become A Man Essay

    What do i need to do to become a man? It 's a question that all young men throughout history have asked themselves. For me it 's been a little different than what others may say, because my parents were divorced when i was really young so although I have a great relationship with my father (whom most men learn how to be a man from). I spent less time with him so I learned alot from outside sources such as my mother, clubs, sports, and other family. I also believe that most if not all that i say…

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  • The Impact Of Information Technology On Society

    Information technology (IT) is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data (Rouse, 2015). When it comes to business in information technology, people in organizations can reach lifelong business success with the help of information technology. They can make accurate statistics of financial marketing sales, business planning and prompt customer support using the…

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  • Technological Challenges In Pippa Norris's Digital Divide

    Beginning in the 21st century, technology has become a vital part of society. Every day millions of people have access to their phones, computers, televisions etc. In Pippa Norris’s Digital Divide: Civic Engagement, Information Poverty and The Internet Worldwide, she sees the digital divide as a “shorthand for any and every disparity within the online community.”(4) In order to be a part of what is happening socially, economically and political in the world, one needs to access to technology.…

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  • Digital Divide Analysis

    living in the new media society because of the digital devices are surrounded our lives such as the Internet, iPhone, TV… In fact, it also means we are living in the information society. According to the lecture, we access to information happens through digital technologies (Quintero, Johnson 2016, Information Society). There is no denying fact that we access the news, music, and information come from digital technologies. Meanwhile, new media society change our lifestyle; it changes our way to…

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  • Digital Discourse

    Intertwined to make a tangled web, spider silk incorporates a special stickiness to trap unsuspecting prey. Much like a spider’s web, social media captures people of all ages in the digital world of communication. Social media remains a platform for participation on the internet in which kids, teenagers, and adults publish information regarding a variety of topics. Yet, all social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, etc.- are simply threads in a larger web of digital…

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  • The Prehistory Of Home Analysis

    Jerry D. Moore’s novel, The Prehistory of Home, provides information of archaeology through the use of one central theme: the home. Moore does not simply describe different excavations, he discusses the journey of the human experience expressed by archaeological dwellings and artifacts. The Prehistory of Home supplements Anthropology 145, World Prehistory, by discussing the development of human society through the examination of the home. The central purpose of this course is to observe the…

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  • Analysis: What Won T We Give Up?

    could give up our social life. A survey conducted by Sachs media group in 2013 shows that majority of respondents would not give up their smartphone for a week, given the choice among sex, smartphone, alcohol and caffeine (Sachs media group, 2013). The statistics presented through the infographic “What Won’t We Give Up?” are categorized based on gender, age group and political positions in US. In this paper I examine the way in which the infographic raises people’s attention about technology’s…

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