Information systems discipline

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  • Child Discipline

    From this unit, I have learned a lot about what disciplines means as a dictionary definition and as a personal opinion to lots of different people. I have also learned that this information could be different from what I may have known discipline to be as a child to what is in my household and culture along with how it is viewed in my profession. For example, according to an article on, Indian parents believe that, “childhood is viewed as a sensitive time period where children are moldable. Thus, the environment, especially the parents, are believed to play an important role in child development (Matze, 2016).” I agree with this belief system. As a school-age teacher, I believe that the ages of at least 5-9 years are critical for…

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  • Importance Of Business Communication Skills

    It is thus a complete cycle because it is a two way process. Until the full process has been gone through the process of communication is considered to be incomplete. (3) Information as a one-way process Information flow is another related process. Information is knowledge; it comes from the processing of raw data which records the events as they take place in every miniscule of an organization or an institution. Knowledge is power. The flow of information is considered to be an extremely…

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  • Crowdsourcing: Outsourcing Problems In Business Field

    around the world to type here, how many response they can get. The welcoming interaction release strong power to restore knowledge among the vast masses, you couldn’t imagine 20 years ago, how could a Chinese want to feed back to Dell After-service Department ?Mail it, Call it? No kidding! It would take more than a week on the way to America by post, or you couldn’t see a phone in a small city of China in 1990s. (It was said that until 1990s, telephone had been popularized in ordinary Chinese…

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  • Internal Marketing Case Study

    “proactively influence employees’ knowledge and understanding of the desired brand image” (Mangold and Miles 424). It is in the context of the need to manage information and knowledge exchange from the organization to its employees that information technology (IT) also attains a significant role. Adetayo, Sanni, and Ilori point out, for instance, IT not only “provides the relevant intelligence to enable the right thing to be done at the right time,” it also enables a company to organize,…

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  • Cmgt 445 Managerial Issues

    Managerial Issues CMGT/445 Managing Information Systems When looking at information systems you are looking at what is really the backbone of the infrastructure and provide communication throughout the organization. Obviously with this kind of impact on the structure of the business managers face some very serious issues that must be addressed to adequately maintain the system. In the age of technology where we are at currently and its quickly getting worse…

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  • Computer Information System Progression

    Computer information system generates a system in organizations. It frequently termed Information Technology. Also, details organizations by knowing quite adequately how to improve the system. Promote the necessary system skills that encourage us. It is the best method to acquire knowledge of technology I collect from several career paths. Career paths that I continue taking computer information systems. Design systems solutions to maintain the organizational competence. Moreover, I ought to…

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  • Student Success In High School

    Fame and wealth is what people consider in today’s society as success nowadays. Success is a triumph or an accomplishment of an aim. To reach the level of success many factors have to be played such as self discipline. Self discipline is a key ingredient for our students to reach the path of success. Therefore, during the early stages of childhood children should be educated about self discipline, as a result once armed it would be a tremendous asset in high school and the future. If gained…

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  • Human Factors And Ergonomics

    logical discipline in concern with the understanding of relations among humans and other essentials of a system. It is the profession that applies theory, principle, data, and means to a design in order to enhance human well-being and overall system performance. Human factors and ergonomics are involved in the proper use between the user, equipment, and their environment. The proper use prevents recurring strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. Human factors and ergonomics take…

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  • Importance Of MIS

    Q3: How can you use the five-component model? The five components of an information system: 1. Hardware runs and makes up the computer system; 2. Software are programs that are built in on the computers; 3. Data refers to the results derived from what has been done; 4. Procedures are rules for people to follow; and 5. People are users of the information system. The five-component model can be used to do a business process automatically. This can be done when people do a particular task by…

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  • Reflection Of Classroom Management

    Classroom management is crucial for every teacher to have in a successful learning environment. I believe that students need to be controlled and disciplined; students at this age need to be guided in the right path. They are capable of self-discipline but need to be shown what the rules of the classroom are and what is the expectation of the teacher. I believe that students are basically good but that the environment around them influences them tremendously. If they maintain busy with…

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