The Impact Of Information Technology On Society

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Information technology (IT) is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data (Rouse, 2015). When it comes to business in information technology, people in organizations can reach lifelong business success with the help of information technology. They can make accurate statistics of financial marketing sales, business planning and prompt customer support using the finest level of information technology. “It has dramatically changed the lives of the individuals and organisations.” (Butt, 2015). Without information technology, this would be impossible to achieve a lifelong business success and takes longer to analyse …show more content…
These emerging technologies will impact in the future. Blogs produces information that the authors wrote to express themselves with each other. Text chat can allow you to communicate to another person. VOIP can also make communications to others except you use the internet which are mostly used for businesses. E-learning allows you to interact better with your learning which is mostly used in education. Twitter “enables the creation of strong social networks by sharing the “small details of life” that are often only experienced by people in physical” (Siemens & Tittenberger, 2009). Elluminate can managed desktop web conferencing which is used to ease group meetings or live presentations over the internet. Tumblr is a microblogging that includes sharing resources and involve in short conversations with other users, which is similar to Twitter. The impact of these emerging technologies may positive or negative. One of the negative effects that (Targowski, 2016) notes that the people are becoming more aware of inequality and this can lead to pressure for change. In fact, information technology continues to advanced actively but “We all need to be conscious of this, and to continue to explore innovative ways that advance and transform our neighbourhood in particular, and the world as whole.” (Awuah, …show more content…
First is the cell phones. They are made to communicate when one person is far away and the other person contact them. Without them, people will have to find another way to contact them. To do that, (Jacko & Sears, 2003) mentioned a mobile phone businessman tells a story when asked about how you could have invented the hand-held cell phone by looking at customer data. You would be driving down the road and watching people suddenly pull off the road and park their cars to make a phone call. You would see them pulling into gas stations to make a telephone call. They would be out in their yard in the midst of yard work and run inside to make a telephone call. You would see people looking all over the office and calling over the loud speaker to find a person not at their desk. You would see families call all their child’s friends looking for them. This happens if cell phones were not invented and people will take a longer route to make a telephone call. The second one is the computers. They are made so people can have more knowledge information and use for things such as listening to music or reading the news. Without them, people will have to live the life back in the old days where they play outside and enjoy fresh air but they would be less knowledgeable. (West & Miller, 2009) notes that for people who are poor, uneducated, or elderly

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