Role Of Core Technologies On An Effective It System

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Roles of Core Technologies in an Effective IT System
Technology permeates all aspects of modern civilization. It is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. What was once barriers to knowledge and communication have been stripped down as we are now connected, in an instant, to the farthest reaches of the globe. With every new advancement comes an opportunity to usher in a revolution in how societies live, work, and play. The major players that make it all possible are the men and women who create and manage the technology we use today. An exploration of the roles and significance of each component of the core technologies will be presented with a focus on the interrelationships within the information technology system.
The foundation of all technology begins with code, which is the detailed instruction that commands the functions of a computer to complete tasks. It is a language all its own, elegant in its simplicity. The extensive collection of code results in program that is designated as Software. Computer programmers are the engineers that develop these software programs. They are the core of what makes technology possible. Creation begins with software engineers submitting design specification to the programmers. After analyzing the information, they determine how to translate this request, using computer languages like C++, to achieve the desired end product. In addition, through thorough testing, debugging, and at times, rewriting of code, programmers accomplish

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