Post-World War II baby boom

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  • Analysis Of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique

    As millions of people completed the annual U.S. census during the post-World War II ‘good life’, there was a common theme amongst suburban white women, “occupation: Housewife”. Following the World War II, the U.S. experienced times of economic prosperity as the middle-class was as strong as it had ever been, home ownership was at an all-time high, and more purchasing power allowed for a mass consumption society. However, there was one major underlying problem, one that was coined in Betty Friedan’s, The Feminine Mystique, as ‘the problem that has no name’. The problem of no name, one that can only be understood by the women experiencing it, was the implicit unhappiness of women adhering to the fabricated image of the happy housewife depicted…

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  • Family Life Instructional Video Analysis

    Following World War II, women of the 1950s spent most of their time in the home. After a large group of men returned home from the war, they began to start families. This period is referred to as The Baby Boom. The Baby Boom was a period in which 76.4 million babies were born between the years 1946 and 1964 (“Baby Boomers”). With so many babies born to these households, women had little choice other than to stay home with their children. The domestic life became extremely common for women of the…

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  • American Culture's Influence On Consumer Culture

    Being financially stable started the idea of Suburbia, the accelerating consumer culture, automobiles, and the baby boom. All these events included in some way the feminine ideal of a woman and how females were to be happily married, having children, going shopping, being the homemaker, and maintaining their appearance simultaneously. In Suburbia, housing was meant to be maintained by no other than the woman, and how every female dreamed to be a housewife. Peril states, a “good wife” is a “good…

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  • Influence Of Fashion In The 50's

    Raven Crowe Moore 3 English II 9 October 2015 1950’s Fashion The 1950’s were a time of change and happiness after World War II. People were recovering from the war and what it had caused. Everything was booming during the 50’s, the economy, the suburb boom, and what people call a ‘baby boom’, which referred to the recorded 3.4 million babies that were born in the United States. People were confident with having children during the baby boom, because they thought the world held nothing but…

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  • Amusement Park Impact

    even though America was in turmoil, Cedar Point opened their first major wooden roller coaster, the Cyclone, in 1929. Although the Cyclone was demolished in 1951, the fact that it was built during an economic hardship, portrayed the strength Cedar Point had at the time, and was a massive step towards expansion. The Great Depression and World War II, like natural disasters, left damage in their wake, and amusement parks were no…

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  • Why People Join The Army

    your life in the palm of your hands, and the world is yours to do with what you feel you were meant to do. When human beings hit the ripe age of 18 in this day in age, they generally either go to college, start working right out of high school, join the army, or marry their high school sweetheart. During the agonizing years of World War II, youngsters, especially young men didn’t get that opportunity of having an option, they had the mandatory duty of being drafted into the army. Could you…

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  • Make American Great Again Analysis

    this slogan brought back memories to those who experienced, first-hand, the peak of American nationalism. For an outsider who has not fully experienced the progress of American history, we wonder when was this period of greatness. From a remote perspective looking back at the past, each decade is transformed by its own noticeable identities and characteristics. Surely, every decade to a historian has its own uniqueness, but to me the 1950's possesses the title of the "Greatest Decade". The…

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  • Pablo Picasso's Influence On Flora And Jim Flora

    In the 1950s, people became more financially stable and things began to change. The post-war baby boom began and modernity made its way into people’s homes. With colored televisions in every living room, new music styles taking over the charts, more families with their own cars, fashion became experimental and new, exciting films were being made – clearly pop culture was evolving. Flora loved his family, maritime culture, trains, world travel, a strong cocktail, jazz and classical music.…

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  • The Role Of Religion In Post World War II Society

    After world war two, there was a transformation of American that took place in the nation. Had much changing with the automobile, television, the GI bill, suburbanization, and effect of consumerism in the nation society, women gender, and racial segregation experience. Additionally, able to know the role that religion had in the Post World War II society. To start from transformation that happen back then, with the new start of the television and the automobile, and people started to use them in…

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  • Causes Of The Hippie Movement

    There are two major reasons of this movement, the first one is the baby boom that came after the World War II. The rapid growth of the population distorts the age structure of America. From 1940 to 1950, there were almost 27 million people aged from 14 to 24, and this number increased to 40 million in the 1960s. Thus, in the 1960s, the Unite States was full of youth groups, and made government a huge rush. Setting up schools for children to study, and making them blend in the dominant value…

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