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  • Grade Insurance Case Study

    com/ki/journal/v38/n5/index.html. The reason I chose this article is because we have been going over potassium and action potential in class I have been extremely interested in potassium, part of this is because hyperkalemia is one of the few electrolyte imbalances we can start treatment for in a pre-hospital setting. The article was very informative and allowed me a new learning opportunity, it was fun to learn that some of the physiological process behind the treatment of hyperkalemia expanded into other physiological process such as glucose management and metabolic cycles. The hypothesis for this…

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  • Gatorade Pros And Cons

    sodium could increase the risk of high blood pressure over time” (Schaefer). If an athlete is not doing an intense workout the sugar they are taking in is not going to help them re-energize, it is just storing the fat inside of you and causing you to gain weight. Another side effect would be high blood pressure, which is caused by high amounts of salts and in Gatorade, there is 800milligrams which is 33% of what you should be consuming daily (Schaefer). Yes, you lose sodium when you sweat, but…

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  • Anion Test Lab

    amounts of water to determine the minimum amount needed to completely dissolve the salt. The cation test told whether the unknown contained barium, calcium, potassium, sodium, strontium, lithium, copper, or magnesium. Given a chart of the colors that each burn, lit the unknown on fire with a bunsen burner and compared the flame color with the colors in the chart. In order to identify the anion, we needed to perform four anion reactions: chloride, sulfate, nitrate, and carbonate. To identify…

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  • Ketogenic Diet Case Study

    from chronic ketosis can be drawn on to synthesize ATP during periods of metabolic stress, such as during a seizure. Typically, when an excitatory action potential is fired in a neuron, ion channels open that allow for the flow of sodium ions to flow down its electrochemical gradient into the neuron, resulting in depolarization. For the neuron to return to its resting potential, sodium potassium pumps located in the neuronal membrane pump three positively charged sodium ions out of the neuron…

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  • Hyperkalemic Paralysis Case Study

    This paper will discuss the management practices that can be implicated to help control the severity of Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis in affected horses. Because of the debilitating effects that this condition has, it is important to examine the ways that this disorder can be controlled. Low potassium diets, regular turnout, and a constant schedule have been shown to effectively manage the condition of Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis. The role of potassium in action potentials, as well as in…

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  • Extreme Environment Analysis

    marismortui’s two pch proteins, pch1 and pch2, are structurally very similar and in fact both contain a TrkA N-domain (Figure A and D) (Mitchell, et al. 2015). Despite these similarities, both show dissimilar expression patterns in Har. marismortui under low potassium stress conditions (20mM potassium) after acclimatization at normal potassium levels (120mM potassium). When experiencing low potassium shock, pch1 mRNA has a large expression spike 4 hours after introduction to new conditions…

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  • Glomerulonephritis Case Studies

    immune system to misguidedly infect the kidneys. This causes the glomerulus to swell which then restricts filtration. The restriction result in a domino effect of problems. Clear biological markers are that Susan displays high concentrations of potassium and sodium, her oliguria, proteinuria, brown cola-colored urine, edema, high heart rate, and high blood pressure. These are all common symptoms seen in patients suffering from post streptococcal glomerulonephritis. Why did this patient have…

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  • Flame Test Lab Report Essay

    K2CrO4 was added in Step 12 and this was what indicated whether or not the sample from Part B contained barium or not. The chloride ion in potassium chromate bound to the barium cation and formed a precipitate, if there were any calcium cations present, they would have stayed in the liquid solution. If the substance in Step 12 remained cloudy, it would have been a sign for a false positive. This refers to a result that may not be correct, and if it were the case, a precipitate of barium may have…

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  • Sea Urchin Gametes Lab Report

    The instructor brought forth three sea urchins from the tank in the back of the room. The three sea urchins were then injected with .5M of potassium chloride (KCl) and placed mouth up into a 120 mL of seawater. After waiting for 10 to 15 minute time interval there was no reaction from the sea urchins. The lab instructor injected another .5M of potassium chloride (KCl) and placed into 120 mL of sea water mouth up. Once all three were placed into containers with the seawater solution they…

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  • Voltage Gated Sodium Channels Case Study

    of nausea and acutely vomiting because of the pains in his stomach and throat. He was immediately rushed to the ED. His symptoms are diaphoresis, motor dysfunction, parethesias, nausea, ascending paralysis, cyanosis, and hypoventilation. He was prescribed with atropine due to the bradycardia. As he was assumed to be poisonous with tetrodotoxin which is a neurotoxin, intravenous hydration, gastric lavage and activated charcoal was conducted next. Background The extracellular fluid and…

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