Impact Of Fashion In The 1950's

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Raven Crowe
Moore 3
English II
9 October 2015
1950’s Fashion The 1950’s were a time of change and happiness after World War II. People were recovering from the war and what it had caused. Everything was booming during the 50’s, the economy, the suburb boom, and what people call a ‘baby boom’, which referred to the recorded 3.4 million babies that were born in the United States. People were confident with having children during the baby boom, because they thought the world held nothing but peace. Another thing that was booming was fashion. 1950’s fashion was heavily influenced by social, historical and political events of the 1950’s, also went through so many different clothing articles during the decade. The historical, political and social
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The impact of clothing was so large due to the dozens of clothing articles that lived on through the decades. For the younger generation, boys took to the ‘Teddy boy look,’ that consisted of tight, straight trousers, jackets, ties and pointed, shiney shoes called winklepickers; the girls on the other hand took to big skirts and pants that were pinched at the waist. Capri pants, or “pedal pushers,” were popular for riding bikes.(Stuart) As for hairstyles for the younger generation, duck tails and pony tails were popular.(When Pony Tails…) For the older generation, Dior, a renown fashion designer post and pre war, gave the idea of women’s bodies to have the shape of a flower. Round shoulders, feminine busts, tiny waists, with a spreading skirt of bright colors.(Stegemeyer) Women’s fashion reflected how their husbands wished them to dress. Crisp, large skirts with patterns and tight, tiny waists with a nice pair of short gloves, and a pair of high heels to please their husbands. Cocktail dresses, which were a shorter version of ball gowns, were very popular for formal- and informal- events, with pretty, delicate designs and layers of tulle underneath the fabric of the skirt.(The Vintage Fashion Guild) Girls and women stuck to the original ‘hourglass silhouette’ style. Men almost universally wore suits and formal shirts with ties wherever they went. pointed shoes to match a pair of crisp, ironed trousers …show more content…
Rock music and movies influenced the younger generation’s clothing style, with trying to copy famous people’s clothing styles, like Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. Work was a big influence on 50’s fashion and how people dress. With teenagers not being in the depression, and not having to share their earnings to help the family, they bought new clothing and whatever they wished. White collar workers were paid very well by their companies, and women started working outside of the house to help other women clean their house or work in factories, to be paid very well.(Stuart) Some of the fashion designers who were big in the decade were Dior, Adolfo, Balenciaga Cristobal, and Chanel Gabrielle. New dyes and materials were huge in making brighter, more durable clothing. Nylon, acrylic polyester, vinyl were created in this time to help with clothing and layering dresses. Bright dyes were made to withstand elements and last longer, so they would have brighter, more colorful clothing without fading. The 1950’s were a time of peace and happiness. The 50’s were a booming time and fashion was one of the most influenced topics of the decade. The way people dressed was heavily influenced by what was going on in society, leading them to dress the way

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