American Culture's Influence On Consumer Culture

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The start of this unknown American culture was the influence advertisements had on consumers. They were on television, magazines, and a part of an Americans everyday lifestyle. Lynn Peril speaks of cosmetics for example and explains how make-up, grooming, and dressing up creates joy to all women. She states, “Cosmetics companies were quick to back up the experts’ claims linking personal appearance and happiness” (Peril 169). A lady needed to properly maintain their hair, personality, makeup, and have charm in order to conform acceptance in society. This created woman to fill high standards of how they needed to become a proper lady and following these guidelines they were taught what true beauty in society for femininity should be. Another …show more content…
Being financially stable started the idea of Suburbia, the accelerating consumer culture, automobiles, and the baby boom. All these events included in some way the feminine ideal of a woman and how females were to be happily married, having children, going shopping, being the homemaker, and maintaining their appearance simultaneously. In Suburbia, housing was meant to be maintained by no other than the woman, and how every female dreamed to be a housewife. Peril states, a “good wife” is a “good housekeeper” (Peril 37) and how the proper way to think pink was by becoming a homemaker and making that your one and only true career. Being a housewife was seen as “a woman’s skill” and it was just as if they had an “ego-rewarding as a successful profession in the business world.” (Peril 38). Being a housewife also meant to be a mother and during the baby boom between the years 1946 to 1954 women were to get married, have babies, and stay at home nursing their children as well as maintaining the household. Another word a female was defined as were shoppers, and how that was in their feminine culture. Peril explains how the women had to make sure they “Park and Shop” (Peril 36) and that meant women needed to shop in a hurry in order to get back home before their husbands did. Not only doing this assured your feminine role, but looking the part was also needed. In order to fit the feminine gender role was by beauty and learning how to be perfect by your appearance. From head to toe a woman’s body needed to be prioritized, and beauty needed to be “learned…and earned” (Peril 42). These beliefs based on femininity needed to be done, and if they were not you were seen as an outcast, better known as

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