Posterior parietal cortex

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  • Gender And Handedness

    Decisions in life are inevitable, and although unavoidable, a majority of the decisions made with everyday behavior are repetitively overlooked. One of the most frequently disregarded decisions made in everyday life is which hand to use when performing actions such as grasping, writing, lifting, and gesturing. Copious studies suggest that the posterior parietal cortex is of paramount importance when executing hand actions and motions. Comparatively, past experiments exhibit bilateral posterior parietal cortex activation during one-handed movements with notable increases in the activity of the hemisphere contralateral to the active hand. Because posterior parietal cortex activity levels indicate relationships to hand choice, there are postulations…

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  • Phantom Limb Pain

    phantom limb (Ramachandran & Rogers-Ramachandran, 2000; Foell et al., 2014; Hunter, Katz, & Davis, 2003). Participants in a study practiced mirror training for four consecutive weeks by performing specific exercises with the intact limb which was superimposed by the mirror so that it visually appeared as if it were the amputated limb. MRI and fMRI scans were performed prior to and directly following the four weeks of training to compare activation during hand movement. The mirror therapy showed…

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  • Action Observation

    faces of the dancers were blurred in order to emphasize body movement. Furthermore, in order to test the assumption that differences in brain activation were due to expertise levels alone, two non-expert control groups were tested to see if they experienced similar activity levels while watching both styles of dance. If they both experienced similar activity levels then it could be concluded that any differences in action observation activity were due to differences in the expertise levels of…

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  • The Effects Of Video Games On Society

    of the audience 's performance towards the same task in which they did not do as proficient. So far half way through the video she has specified two positive impacts from video games on society.Her third example contains the same results plus a more in depth look at her investigation and live experiment for her example. Then doubles the live experiments content just to increase more proficient results to help argument. After shortly concluding her examples she goes into the facts about actual…

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  • PTSD In Military

    effects on everyday life, the challenges met while dealing with it, the neuroscience behind PTSD, and the effects of PTSD on everyday life. The methods I will be using while researching this topic include, that I will first look into the psychological aspects and then I will go more in depth regarding the social/life aspects. Neuroscience behind PTSD A study which was just founded in 2013 stated that people with chronic PTSD have some regions of the brain shrinking once developing the illness…

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  • The Importance Of Gestural Communication

    Schippers, Gazzola, Goebel, and Keysers (2009) examined how different areas of the brains were activated in romantically involved couples while playing the game of charades. The study used charades to investigate the neural basis of gestural communication by having participants act out and interpret predetermined gestures while their brain activity was being recorded inside of an fMRI machine. Data gathered from the fMRI showed that during production of gestures, the putative motor neuron system…

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  • Cerebellum And Basal Ganglia Case Study

    In the past it was believed that the cerebellum received information from various areas of the cortex and projected information to the primary motor cortex via thalamus, thus fine-tuning a movement (19). It was also believed that the Basal ganglia was involved with the inhibition and selection of action commands (19). These views suggest the involvement of both cerebellum and Basal ganglia(BG) in purely motor function. But that is not the case, recent studies have found a connection between the…

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  • Rs-Fmri Analysis Essay

    infarcts. The Schaefer research aims to identify the changes in functional connectivity for SVD. Changes in functional connectivity in posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) and in the DMN are mentioned in the previous research. Schaefer 's study focuses mainly on the frontoparietal networks and their altering connectivity. The research involved 12 participants whose rs-fMRI, T1- and T2- weighted anatomical data were acquired. Patient whose age-related white-matter changes (ARWMC) score >2 and had…

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  • Unit 4 The Brain Analysis

    Unit 4 – Fiona Bennett Brain Science In this unit I will be investigating the structure of the brain. The human brain is responsible for everything that happens in our bodies. On average the brain weighs 1.5 kilograms. It is one the most complex organs in the human body. The brain controls everything from coordinating movements to constructing sentences and even simple things like breathing. The brain is supplied with oxygen to keep it alive by a network of blood vessels. Structure of the brain…

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  • Yoga Meditation Analysis

    stress, anxiety or simply improve you quality of life. But you may ask how is this actually possible? Yoga meditation has proven to alter parts of the brain just with even the bare minimum of sitting for 15 to 30 minutes per day. Meditation, which focuses on awareness of your breathing, sounds, and presence in the moment has effectively reduced stress levels, balanced perspectives, and guided in a positive difference of how one approaches life. In the article “This is your brain on meditation,”…

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