The Effects Of Video Games On Society

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Daphne Bavelier strongly suggest in most moderation that gaming is more beneficial then more thought of. Video Games is a widely known source of multimedia entertainment. It 's impact on the general population of society on the other hand is questioned time to time by various researchers and also concerned parents. This essay is based on Tedtalks discussion and Daphne Bavelier 's review on the influence & effects on constant video game users & society. The use of multimedia in education has significantly changed people’s learning processes.While video game playing is regarded somewhat negative and others see it as a positive in educational setting. My research is based on data obtained from various analyses on young children but mostly the …show more content…
Her first example is the statement that proclaims that, ' 'too much screen time makes your eye sight worse. ' ' She first states that people that don 't regularly play action video games and that don’t regular sit in front of screen have normal eyesight. Then elaborates the results of a experiment that tests the theory from the statement from earlier. The concluded results of the experiment show people who engage in action based games or who do actually sit in front of a screen regularly actually have way better eye sight compared to those with a normal level of eye sight. The results also show that people with the advanced eye sight have enhanced capabilities that include resolving small details in the context of clutter (reading fine print easier), and being able to resolve different shades of grey better. Which in most cases both capabilities would improve day to day life and would actually make accidents easier to prevent. All of the details above have lead to the disapproving of the statement ' 'too much screen time makes your eye sight worse" Her second example is on the statement, "games lead to attention problems and greater distractibility." She first claims that her team of scientists know how to measure attention in the la and have already tested it before.. Then goes on with a live example that measures the audiences attention. The example includes reading aloud the color of a word that describes a color, and or a object.At the end of the example she explains that the conflict during the live example is between the word itself and its color. She includes attention the faster the conflict is resolved. It shows that when the task is done with people who regularly play action video games its done faster compared to the fact of the audience 's performance towards the same task in which they did not do as

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