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  • DASA Research Papers

    writing on sticky notes and placing them on a female student’s back when she was not looking. Almost instantly the female student turned around to see students laughing and she discovered the post it notes on her back with “kick me” phrases written on them. After a minute all of the students realized I was watching the incident take place and I approached the incident and asked the female student to stay seated as I spoke to the group of students in the next classroom, which is connected to my classroom through a door. There were 3 students that I spoke to who were involved in the incident. I questioned the students and asked them what happened, however all of their responses consisted of phrases similar to “I don’t know” and “It was just a joke”. I explained to the students that whether they were joking or not it was unacceptable behavior, is hurtful to other students and that I expect to not see this type of behavior anymore. Before allowing these students to leave the classroom to move to another class, I had them place their post it notes, which are only used for ELA, on my cooperating teacher’s desk and told the students I would return the post it’s to their homeroom teacher at the end of the day. After these students had left the room, I asked the female student to come speak with me and I asked her what happened with the other students. I also observed that the student was visibly upset. The student told me that students have been placing sticky notes on her back for…

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  • 3M Corporation

    These products are used in various industries such as safety, Transportation, Manufacturing, health Care, and electronics amounts others. 3M boast a portfolio of brands. Some of their featured brands are but not limited to ACE, which are bandages, braces, wraps, etc. and Scotch Tape, which is used for various applications. Goals and Mission of 3M The Mission at 3M has evolved over the years. From the early beginnings as a mining company to an industrial conglomerate who’s products are present in…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Group Project

    direction. we beginning from learning technique that about Aangular2, then javascript, and server back end, and we also started pop-out the ideas which relate to what should we consume in our own board. My teammates told about user Stories, To-Do, in process, and done should be on the board, and my idea was how to create the post, delete the post, and drag and drop a post-it note. After first week meeting, we finally end up with we must have a board to add user stories and tasks, should have a…

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  • Connect And Engage Book Report

    will distinguish important information from interesting details when reading narrative nonfiction. 2. Standards: a. English Language Arts: Fluency: 2.1) Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text. [RL.2.1] b. Social Studies: Living and Working Together: 2.2) Identify national historical figures and celebrations that exemplify fundamental democratic values, including equality, justice, and responsibility for the…

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  • Ella Shohat Notes On The Post Colonial Analysis

    Shohat, Ella. "Notes on the "Post-Colonial"." Social Text, no. 31/32 (1992): 99-113. doi:10.2307/466220. This essay serves as a close-reading of the notions of temporality and teleology and the ways in which they are deployed as feedback loops between postcolonialism and neocolonialism in Ella Shohat’s article titled “Notes on the “Post-Colonial””. The Past in the “Post”and “Colonial” “The colonial in the “post-colonial” tends to be relegated to the past and…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of College

    is an extraordinary place that teaches you things you never thought you could learn. While in college you are now an adult there is no one there to wake you up in the morning, telling you what time to eat, do your homework, or now it is time for bed you are the only one that can tell you what to do or how to do it. There is a lot less leeway, you have to do your papers when they are due or you just get a zero for the assignment. There are a few great things I have learned in my first semester of…

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  • Note Taking In College Students

    setting is when the educator stands at the front of the class room and does most of the speaking. Sometimes they utilize power points or handouts to help facilitate learning. Comprehending what is taught during lecture is important in academic success. There are many different ways to help improve retention rates, but one common practice used among 99% of college students is note taking (Palmatier & Bennett, 1974). Note taking is said to benefit students in two different ways. Taking notes helps…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How To Write A Hipass

    How to Write a Kickass Paper Let’s set the scene your Intro to Psychology of Child Development Class is slipping into the C range and you need to raise it back up to a B so you can keep your B average. How are you going to do it? You’re going to ace the next paper that’s how! Well that’s the plan at least, but you’ve been sitting in front of a blank word document for the past hour and a half. Maybe you’ve opened a note book to “review the material”, or maybe you’re really ambitious and opened…

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  • Importance Of Kidwatching

    observe the children separately, then identify what the children need and make curriculum changes. During the first step the teacher will observer the children and make note on what they are doing socially and language wise. Then the teacher will take these notes and attempt to make sense of what the students need and what would benefit the students. Finally, make the change needed to benefit the students in the classroom. These three components will benefit the students and allow them to…

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  • Chou's Language Synthesis Essay

    In the piano part, Chou introduces the notes from the rest of the Modal Complex related by symmetry, i.e. remaining notes of the aggregate (E-C#-C-Bb-Ab-Gb). However, he leaves out the notes C, D, and F; F is not to be introduced until the second movement; C and D become important members of the pentatonic set G-A-C-D-F played by the alto flute in measures 5-6. One may wonder how does this pentatonic set fit into Chou’s variable modes system, for no single hexachordal set contains these pitches…

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