Reflective Essay 'The Side You Don T See'

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Reflective Letter on MWA #2 There are many strategies and elements that should be used in an argumentative paper, the most important three of these strategies are ethos, pathos, and logos. Although you do not necessarily need to use all three of those strategies to make an effective argument, a writer does need a strong foundation in all three if they wish to write a strong argumentative paper that can be given out to the public (such as a newspaper editorial). In my paper “The Side You Don’t See” I attempted to use all three of these strategies to strengthen my argument, yet, I do believe that I was lacking in ethos. The only time I really used ethos was when I called upon another trustworthy person with a lot of their own ethos. For pathos I put in several lines that play upon the reader’s sympathy and make them question SeaWorld’s morality, this may appear to be an Ad Hominem logical fallacy, however, I never directly attacked SeaWorld with my supporting points, I only questioned their actions. Finally, for logos I put in a multitude of facts and even put some calculations as a logical appeal. If your writing is going to be in a public place where people happen to …show more content…
This is exactly what happened for my paper when we did a peer review session in class, I was able to make changes to my paper that I probably would not have caught on my own. Although most of my corrections were grammatical, a few of them did happen to involve repetition and misunderstandings. Sadly, none of the people that edited my paper had an opposing view to what I was writing about so I was unable to strengthen my counterarguments with their added opinions. I did get some good positive feedback saying that a few of my supporting topics were very strong, which let me know which other ones needed

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