The Inhumane Cons Of Animal Testing

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Animals have saved many lives throughout history. Why would we want to hurt these innocent creatures that help us everyday and bring joy to our lives. The researchers who subject poor and innocent animals to testing do not give them a choice. The researchers put animals through inhumane ways of product testing, while there are humane ways to put an end to this. Makeup companies keep experimenting on animals because it is a easier; it takes time to switch to more humane methods, plus animal testing is not the best way to find harmful chemicals, even though better ways are available. Makeup companies still use animal experimentation because it is something they have done for years and they feel that switching to more humane ways takes too much time. The makeup companies that still use animal experimentation do so to make more money. The Leaping Bunny Logo is an international symbol. The logo lets consumers know that the product they are using is a cruelty free product. A cruelty free product means that no animals were harmed in the making of the product. Even though companies make more money when they go through with animal testing, they also lose more money in the process. Animal testing was banned in the British …show more content…
The researchers will force feed and they will force the animals to inhale chemicals. They will physically restrain the animals for long periods of time and they will also deprive the animals of food and water for days at a time. Animals will go through “the infliction of burns and other wound to study the healing process” (Animal Experimentation). In 2010, the US department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that over 97, 000 animals suffered through pain during these experiments. These animals were not give any kind of anesthesia for pain relief. The animals go through many tests in which they are forced to be in pain and

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