Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Imagine being separated from your family at birth, thrown into a cage, fed badly, forgotten about, unloved, and tortured through some of the most terrifying and worst pain? This is the daily life of a test animal. It is horrible, torturous, and unfair. Animal testing should be forbidden in every country. It is a completely pointless thing to do, and creates many negative effects on both animals and people. It is an awful and disgusting thing to do to another living creature with similar feelings to a person, and should not be allowed in our modern world today.

The purpose of animal testing is to test the safety and hypoallergenic reactions of cosmetic products and medical drugs on animals to make sure people will not get hurt from these potentially
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The main reason why we animal test is for cosmetic research, not medical research, which is the only type that can be half accepted. Medical research for humans on animals means they still do not get the correct results we need because of the two different reactions of chemicals in two different animals. Popular brands hide the way they animal test because they know that when people find out their product will not sell as well. Global warming is also a huge and rising problem on our earth, and by cutting out cosmetic research on animals, it will mean a few hundred less factories running around the world and releasing fumes into the atmosphere. This will mean a lot of jobs lost, but there are plenty more jobs in the world and it will only benefit our world. “Unseen they suffer. Unheard they cry. In agony they linger. In loneliness they die.” This quote by Jo Anne McArthur gives us the message that the animals are locked away in buildings where it is isolated from the public. They are tortured in secret, so then people can all go and buy the next best chanel foundation or treseme ….. Animal testing is generally doing more damage than good, and hurts so many living creatures it should be …show more content…
It is unacceptable behaviour from people in our modern world today. Even though some animals are needed for medical research for the tests that give us reliable results, cosmetic research is not necessary. By not in this day and age we should know what chemicals people can work with and what chemicals we cannot. We have enough cosmetic products and brands, it is not necessary for cosmetic researchers to go on and test on animals. Animals should have similar rights as people, and we need to learn to share our planet with them. Just because we have more power over most of them, doesn’t give us the right to abuse or torture them, because we wouldn’t on our own kind. Animal testing is pointless, it doesn’t not give correct and reliable results, and it does not benefit either people or animals hugely. Joaquin Phoenix once said, “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” We will not see any negative effects on humans if we start treating animals with the respect and freedom they deserve. It is a factor that is bringing our planet down, and we need to stand up for it, and we could save millions of lives a

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