Testing cosmetics on animals

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  • Animal Testing Cosmetics

    tested on animals can be seen everywhere. These products can range anywhere from cosmetics to drugs to cleaning supplies. Companies involved with animal testing include Johnson & Johnson, Iams Pet Food, Kimberly-Clark with Kleenex, Mars Candy, and Trojan Condoms (8 Products). With individuals becoming more aware of the issue, the conditions in which these animals are kept and the treatment these animals go through are being looked into. Animal testing can take place on dogs, rats, mice, monkeys, and many other types of animals. Due to the rising industries of cosmetics and drugs, animal testing remains the leading factor of whether or not these products…

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  • Animal Testing For Cosmetics

    Animal Testing Paper After decades of animal testing, most cosmetic companies have ruled out the ingredients that don 't benefit their products. With this knowledge, they are able to produce cosmetics with ingredients that are known to be safe for use. Animal testing should not be justified by our enjoyment of cosmetics. The torture and premature death that animals have to endure is inhuman because they have no choice, but cosmetic companies do have the option to take another route to test…

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  • Cosmetics Animal Testing

    Animal Testing Every day animals are tortured just for testing cosmetics.Over 50 million animals have had an animal testing related death.Animal testing should be considered animal cruelty and should not be allowed. Animal testing is wrong because animals can be gravely injured, testing on animals is not always a good way to predict if a product is safe, and there are other better testing techniques. Many people think that animal testing is not an issue because they are just animals, but…

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  • Cosmetic Animal Testing

    Tens of thousands of animals are tested on for the cosmetic industry every year. (Pro-Con) However, this cannot be accurate due to some animals not being protected -therefore unaccounted for in these numbers- by law: “95% of animals used in experiments are not protected by the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA)” (Hastings Center) . The reasons vary for this; one of the most common excuses is for the benefit of humans who should be kept safe from faulty products. Such products range from medical to…

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  • The Cruelty Of Cosmetic Animal Testing

    years the testing of cosmetics on animals has been considered a major issue in the US and globally. Cosmetic testing is the most controversial area of animal testing. Each and every cosmetic product used by women is first tested on animals. Approximately, 20 million animals are used for all kinds of testing every year. Not only several leading cosmetics companies have already stopped testing products on animals, but also the European Union, Israel, and Norway have banned cosmetic testing on…

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  • The Controversy Of Cosmetic Testing On Animals

    000-200,000 animals are testing on for the safety of cosmetic products each year around the world. The topic is cosmetic testing on animals to make sure that products are safe for use. Testing cosmetics on animals is a type of animal testing used to test the safety and hypoallergenic properties of products for use by humans. Because of the harm done to the animal subjects, this testing is opposed by animal rights activists and others. Cosmetic testing on animals is necessary to ensure the…

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  • The Controversy Of Testing Cosmetics On Animals

    Testing cosmetics on animals is a very controversial issue that has grown over the past years. I believe that cosmetic animal testing is wrong and should be banned because it is cruel, inaccurate, not very reliable, and has been proven to be unnecessary. Approximately 200,000 animals will suffer and die every year for cosmetics around the world. We as a whole have all decided that this is not necessary which is why we stopped making testing on animal cosmetics something that had to be done.…

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  • Effects Of Animal Testing On Cosmetics

    Imagine a lab filled with hundreds of animals all being tested on and infested with different diseases. Now, think of a dog; this dog is named Libby. She is suffering from many issues, including hookworms, tapeworms, infections, and rotted teeth. She is beaten by lab workers and forced to endure all of this to test the safety of a product for people like you (PETA, 2011). A huge problem facing the world is how many animals are cruelly tested on internationally for cosmetics. If nothing is done…

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  • Essay On Cosmetic Animal Testing

    humans and certain animals share a large portion of similar DNA, scientists do experiments on animals to see how it will affect the animals to relate the possible side effects on humans. One of the best known tests done on animals is for cosmetic purposes. There is a process to complete the testing on animals, there are matters of personal opinion, and there are reasons for why storytelling is important to the testing on animals. According to a website that lists both the pros and cons of…

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  • The Role Of Animal Testing In Cosmetics

    Morality of Animal Testing in Cosmetics According to a report written by the Physicians committee, 72 percent of American customers believe that testing cosmetics or personal care products on animals is inhumane and unethical. Animal testing is a horrendous way to produce ingredients for products because of the harmful effects left on the animals. Alternative tests have effects that are more suitable for cosmetic companies because the results are better and more time/cost efficient. Despite…

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